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DIOXIN2019 Kyoto ended in great success.
Thank you very much for cooperation.

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Special Sessions Program

Session title
Date and room
Asian POPs Monitoring 14:00-18:30, August 26: Room B-1
Status and Perspective on PCB Waste Management 10:00-12:00, August 28: Room A
Kanemi Yusho, Taiwan Yucheng and PCB/Dioxin Pollution 10:00-12:30, August 29: Room D

Session title
Date and room
The Biotic Exposome of Emerging Flame Retardants in the Global Environment 16:30-18:30, August 26: Room B-2
Chlorinated Paraffins – Pollutants of High Environmental and Health Concern
-Toxicity and Risks of Chlorinated Paraffins
-Chlorinated Paraffins in Food
-Analysis of Chlorinated Paraffins
-Analysis and Environmental Occurrence of CPs
*3 sessions on August 27 and 1 session on August 28
10:00-12:00 August 27: Room A
14:00-16:00 August 27: Room A
16:30-18:30 August 27: Room A
10:00-12:00 August 28: Room B-1
Microplastics as Environmental Vectors for POPs and Additives 10:00-12:00, August 27: Room B-1
Legacy and Emerging Flame Retardants: Biotransformation and Bioavailability 14:00-16:00 August 27: Room B-2
Flame Retardants in Human Tissues; Implications for Human Exposure 16:30-18:30, August 27: Room B-2
POPs in the Developing World 16:30-18:30, August 27: Room C-2
From Good Science to Good Risk Management 10:00-12:00, August 29: Room C-1
Dioxin Health Hazard in Vietnam 14:00-16:00, August 29: Room B-2
Large Scale Biomonitoring 14:00-16:00, August 29: Room C-1
POPs in Pets and their Applicability as Models for Human Health 16:30-17:50, August 29: Room C-2

  • Plenary Lecture on Monday, August 26 / Dr. David SHERR / Title: The AHR: A Major Player in Cancer Aggression and Immune Checkpoint Regulation
  • Plenary Lecture on Tuesday, August 27 / Prof. Hideshige TAKADA / Title: Hazardous chemicals in marine plastics and their threat to marine organisms
  • Plenary Lecture on Wednesday, August 28 / Prof. Frank WANIA / Title: Modelling Polychlorinated Biphenyls: Mechanistically Linking Chemical Production to Human Exposure and Health Effects
  • Plenary Lecture on Thursday, August 29 / Prof. Dr. Adrian COVACI / Title: Human biomonitoring and exposomics of legacy and emerging chemicals
  • Plenary Lecture on Friday, August 30 / Dr. Teruhiko KIDO / Title: Dioxin and health effects in Vietnamese
  • Plenary Lecture on Friday, August 30 / Dr. Nguyen HUNG MINH / Title: Dioxin and health effects in Vietnamese