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Boutique website architecture

Marketing website architecture, adaptive architecture, applet template, multi industry solutions

Meet various Internet business scenarios of enterprises

A set of systems to solve the enterprise image display, marketing customer acquisition, transaction transformation, and service processes, and help enterprises quickly carry out Internet marketing

Get more customers through online marketing

Leave your contact information or call fifteen billion nine hundred and sixty-two million six hundred and ten thousand five hundred and twelve , the service consultant will contact you as soon as possible

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Perfect market service

Enterprise Internet digital operation - station service, so that everyone has the power to control the Internet

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Good reputation is the driving force of enterprise development, so that the world can better understand you

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Auspicious Cloud Dynamics

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Choose long-term products of Yougou, expand a trillion market, provide implicit operation guarantee for 10 years, and build a responsive station system for the whole network. Continuous free upgrade, sound service support system, and the common choice of thousands of partners!

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  • 7x24

    Online after-sales support

  • ten


    10 years of Internet service experience

  • three hundred


    More than 300 service institutions nationwide

  • seventy thousand


    Cooperate with more than 70000 enterprise customers

Main business of Xiangyun platform: brand website construction, high-end website construction, Foreign trade website construction, marketing website construction, website optimization, Development websites, enterprise network marketing, search engine promotion, WeChat applet, E-mail, short video operation, etc.

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Suzhou Xiangyun Platform Information Technology Co., Ltd
Suzhou Huaqifang Information Technology Co., Ltd

Address: F15-16, Xianghe International Building, 530 Kuntai Road, Kunshan, Jiangsu

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