Public security departments to crack down on public security in summer

    Source: Official Website of the Ministry of public security

    The Economic Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security recently held a video conference to deploy the national public security economic investigation departments to thoroughly implement the deployment requirements of the Party committee of the Ministry of public security, enhance their political position, take the initiative to take the role, give full play to their functional advantages, and promote the crackdown on public security in summer The "hundred day action" has always been aimed at striking at various prominent economic crimes that infringe on the vital interests of the people. It is necessary to make a real effort to promote the prevention and resolution of risks, so as to ensure the continuous stability of the overall social situation and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people and enterprises.

    The meeting demanded that we should strengthen the efforts to crack down on criminal cases and adhere to it "What crime is prominent, we should focus on cracking down on what kind of crime". We should accurately determine the key points of attack and severely crack down on prominent economic criminal activities. It is necessary to vigorously promote the special action against money laundering and underground banking crimes, highlight the key points of the campaign, advance at different levels and categories, deeply study and judge major clues, promote the joint investigation and liaison office of multiple police departments, thoroughly destroy criminal gangs and criminal networks, and resolutely cut off the channels of illegal fund transfer. We should crack down on economic crimes in key areas, crack down on economic crimes involving stakeholders in accordance with the law, investigate and deal with a number of illegal fund-raising cases that infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly, as well as pyramid selling and contract fraud cases involving college students' employment and entrepreneurship; We will investigate and deal with cases that infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of the people and enterprises in accordance with the law, pay close attention to the new trends of economic crimes in business activities, and crack down on professional criminal gangs and cases of new types and methods; We should crack down on crimes in the field of securities and futures in accordance with the law, cooperate closely with relevant departments, do a good job in case investigation, resolutely maintain the normal market order, provide more powerful services and optimize the business environment. We should vigorously promote the "fox hunting" operation, deepen international cooperation, arrest economic suspects who have absconded, and actively serve the overall situation of anti-corruption work.

    The meeting called for the continuous improvement of the actual combat level of economic investigation, strengthening the research and judgment of clues discovery, deepening the cluster attack and promoting "Integrated" operations, maximize the power of cluster operations, and actively create a new pattern of systematic economic investigation operations. It is necessary to strengthen overall planning and promotion, strengthen organization and leadership, closely cooperate with the police departments concerned, strengthen the standardization of law enforcement, supervision and inspection, and ensure the effectiveness of the "100 day operation".