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Love enterprise check
Professionally check enterprises, and then go to Aiqi to check
Xiaodu Shopping Mall
Home of small AI products
Simple search
First AI interactive search
Good video
Professional short video aggregation platform
Baidu Marketing Center
Baidu commercial product service platform
Baidu Institute of Technology
Being technology learners makes us stronger
Baidu Intelligent Portal
Intelligent website construction&applet development platform
One stop intelligent marketing sales accelerator
Commercial promotion
Get new customers and partners
Baidu Online Disk Enterprise Edition
Enterprise class file transfer tool
Yike Album
Infinite Space Cloud Album
Real car evaluation, understand the market
Baidu Health
Your health steward
A word of Wenxin
Your Smart Partner

Search Service

Baidu Human Translation
Authoritative precise manual translation
Search massive network materials and resources
Search massive network videos
Baidu Translate
Easily solve the problem of language differences
Search for a fully functional network map
Search and browse news
Search massive network pictures
Baidu Map
Search for information and find more possibilities!
Baidu Scholar
Provide massive Chinese and English literature search!
Baidu Baipin
Go to Baidu Bairen and search the whole network for good work

Navigation service

Website navigation

community service

Baidu Forensics
Electronic data forensics/fair platform
Content realization and fan management
Everyone's considerate secretary
Baidu Safe Community
Baidu Security Product Exchange Forum
Read, download, share documents
Baidu online disk
File backup, sharing and synchronization tools
Query and contribute online encyclopedia
Post Bar
Free sharing of topics and participation in discussions
Find answers and answer questions
Practical Life Guide
Duxiaoman payment
Secure and reliable payment instrument
Baidu public beta
User Experience Center
Kangbo • Finance
Comprehensive financial service platform
Baidu community sponsorship platform
Internet product fan interaction
Baby knows
More professional knowledge community for mother and infant pregnancy
Baidu reputation
Authoritative reputation information authentication platform
Map Digging Gold
Crowdsourcing user pocket money platform
Baidu Education
Focus on the knowledge content platform of education


Hao123 games • mobile games
Mobile game information, beta test, gift package, download
Baidu Games
Play games, read information and find companions
Baidu Mobile Open Platform
Easily find high-quality applications
Baidu Game Open Platform
Co build an ecological open platform for developers

Mobile Services

Baidu H5
Visual H5 page making tool
Duxiaoman Financial Management
Investment begets money, trading at any time
Baidu input method for mobile phone
AI voice input, faster and more accurate
Baidu Mobile Assistant
Update more Android mobile applications
Baidu Translation App
Your palmtop translation expert
Baidu Mobile Guard
Mobile phone anti absorption fee and anti harassment

Webmaster and developer services

Full chain AI marketing data platform
Baidu Brain
Baidu Artificial Intelligence Open Platform
Baidu Data Open Platform
Green channel for webmaster to submit resources
Baidu search resource platform
Let Baidu know more about your website
Baidu Statistics
Obtain professional analysis of website traffic
Baidu Alliance
Cooperate with Baidu to become stronger
Baidu Marketing
New marketing mode - let customers find you actively
Baidu Hot Search
Hotspots of your search achievements
baidu index
Search authoritative keyword data analysis
Baidu Mobile Statistics
Professional mobile application statistics
Baidu Developer Center
One stop service platform for developers
Baidu Cloud Observation
Website Health Monitoring Center
Baidu commercial service market
New SEM tool online market
Baidu Public Opinion
Internet word-of-mouth analysis tool
Baidu Actuarial
Big data advertising effect measurement platform
Baidu Cloud Acceleration
Provide safety protection and acceleration services for the station master
Baidu Smart Cloud
Baidu's full range of cloud computing products
Baidu Voice
Speech recognition synthesis technology is open
Baidu SSP media service
Media revenue management and optimization services
Baidu Cloud Push
Free professional push service platform
Baidu Mobile Cloud Test Center
Mobile application test service platform

software tool

Baidu Brain Map Tool
Online Brain Map Editing Tool
Flow like
New generation intelligent office platform
Baidu IME
Smooth input and better understanding of Chinese
Baidu Wubi Input Method
Baidu Wubi input method PC version