Baidu reminds you that you must carefully read and thoroughly understand this statement before using Baidu search engine (hereinafter referred to as Baidu). You can choose not to use Baidu, but if you use Baidu, your use will be regarded as approval of all the contents of this statement.

  • In view of Baidu's non manual search method and the automatic generation of links to third-party web pages based on the keywords you type, Baidu is not responsible for all accidents, negligence, infringement and losses (including computer viruses caused by downloading the content of third-party websites linked to by search) that may be caused by using Baidu, except for the service terms indicated by Baidu, Nor bear any legal responsibility.
  • Any third-party web pages linked by Baidu search are created or provided by others. You may obtain information and enjoy services from such third-party web pages, and Baidu will not be responsible for its legality or bear any legal responsibility.
  • Baidu's search results are automatically obtained and generated according to the keywords you type, which does not mean that Baidu agrees with the content or position on the third-party web pages linked by the search.
  • You should bear the risk of the results of using the search engine. Baidu does not guarantee in any form that the search results will meet your requirements, the search service will not be interrupted, and the security, correctness, timeliness and legality of the search results. Baidu will not bear any legal responsibility if you cannot use Baidu normally due to network conditions, communication lines, third-party websites and other reasons.
  • Baidu respects and protects the personal privacy of all users who use Baidu. Baidu will not actively disclose your registered user name, email address and other personal data to a third party without your personal permission or according to the mandatory provisions of relevant laws and regulations. Baidu reminds you that the keywords you enter when using the search engine will not be considered as your personal information.
  • If any website does not want to be included by Baidu (that is, not to be searched), it should report to Baidu in a timely manner, or add a sign of rejection in its website page according to the Robots Exclusion Protocol, otherwise, Baidu will regard it as an available website according to the convention.
  • Any unit or individual who believes that the content of a third-party web page linked through Baidu search may be suspected of infringing its right of information network dissemination should timely submit a written notice of rights to Baidu, and provide identification, ownership certificate and detailed evidence of infringement. Baidu will disconnect relevant links as soon as possible according to law after receiving the above legal documents. For details, please refer to the copyright protection statement of the specific channel.