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The navigation professional data is accurate
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Self driving navigation

  • Real time dynamic road conditions

    I knew about the traffic jam ahead

  • Preferred route in the whole process

    Find the best route at the first time

  • 180W+electronic eye

    Say goodbye to violations of map data discipline

  • Star voice navigation

    Full journey happy navigation


  • take a taxi

    Good discounts for taking a taxi

    Multi choice of vehicles, issuing orders at the same time, faster pickup

  • Free ride

    Let the struggling people warm to home, high-quality self driving owners, safe and secure

    No commission for public service travel, more money for car owners and less money for passengers

    Note: Only information service fees are charged, such as communication fees, third-party payment fees, etc

Public travel

  • Real time bus

    The waiting time is clear at a glance

  • Bike sharing

    Find a car and unlock the navigation Follow me

  • Electric bicycle

    Forbidden data is more accurate

  • Hybrid planning

    Ride the bus in one step

information service
Discover the surroundings
Search the surrounding wonderful world, enrich the scene and recommend accurately
Massive and accurate "dynamic" data
Full data of parking lot and charging pile, dynamic and accurate, helping you travel without worry
Comprehensive data source
Eat, live and play. You can enjoy the comments and quotations
Search offsite
Search for popular recommendations in different places, and discover a wonderful world during the journey
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