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A2 animation network ( WWW.A2DONGMAN.COM It is the official website of A2 animation studio. A2 animation studio is composed of a group of professional cartoon animation production agencies who love life and love anime. The full name of English is A2. Animation Studio. Founded in 2012, its permanent office is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi. Studio by Animation Production and Audition production of two parts.
The core output of the studio is the well-known authors and creators.


Animation art video / commercial animation / creative advertising film / creative advertising film production. Girl / Teen / comic magazine series. Brand cartoon image packaging. Animation peripheral products research and development design and production.


A2 animation studio (AI animation studio) subordinate design organization MCD professional create brand creation.

Business cooperation:

A2 animation network ( WWW.A2DONGMAN.COM It focuses on providing the most accurate and timely industry information and related trends for the majority of animation, art and design enthusiasts, in order to provide better quality content and services for the fans.
We are now seeking cooperation with enterprises and individuals.

For enterprises:

From A2 animation network ( WWW.A2DONGMAN.COM The users and the members of the A2 animation studio have created works of art, whether it is a static picture or a smooth image. It is possible to match your product. Or it is exactly what your product needs, or it can help your product to enhance its business value. We can tailor a suitable image system for your company; if you are attracted to the style of a work when you browse this website, that may be the beginning of our cooperation. In addition, the registered members and users of A2 animation network may be the best audience for your corporate advertising.

For individuals:

Whether you are a professional anime writer, designer or amateur art lover, or practitioners of other industries, there will be consultation and information you need. If you need to publish your work, show your talents, or promote your creative products. A2 animation network is your best partner. Or if you have any unique suggestions, you can contact us so that more people can share them. Of course, the interests are evenly distributed.

For media:

If you are a print media, such as an animation magazine, perhaps you are looking for a more suitable publication for your publication. Then A2 animation network is your necessary contact window. A2 animation network users and A2 animation studio members of the organization are likely to establish a good relationship with you. Professional media and non professional media will be the best partners of A2 animation network, and look forward to establishing good strategic cooperation with many media.

If you have the following ideas to cooperate with A2 net, please contact us immediately:

You want to promote your product or website in A2 animation network.
You have a good idea to achieve through A2 animation network.
You have a cooperation plan to work with A2 animation network.
You want to publish or link the content of your website in A2 animation network.

In order to communicate more conveniently, please explain your requirements and thoughts in detail, and inform us of your personal or company circumstances.

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