W4ctech - deep self silent as cloud drift

W4ctech - deep self silent as cloud drift
Phenomenon 1. when using ``electron-vue`` to develop, each debug interface opens ``devtools`` debugging, and often sees annoying ``Warning '` information. [waring.jpg] (https://i.loli.net/2019/11/28/4HoEs2e8FQYxvkJ.png) ``security-warnings.js`` 1. examines the element and finds that the file is located in...
Basic knowledge modularization modularity JS modularization 1. JS modularity namespace 1. namespace 1. object syntax: ```js library name. Class alias. Method name.

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JavaScript base conversion
Binary classification binary (two into one) 1. ``1. 0, 1`` - 0b or 0B at the beginning of octal (eight to one) 1. ``0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7`` - with the beginning of decimal decimal system (every ten), ``0, 9``, e, P, C, C, C, C, C, 9`` 9`` (

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Regular expressions
* * check digit expression * * 1. digit: ^[0-9]*$2. n digit: ^\d{n}$3. at least n digit: ^\d{n, $4. M-N digit number: ^\d{m, n}$5. zero and non-zero beginning figures: ^ (0|[1-9][0-9]*) 6. 6. at the beginning of non zero start with two digit decimal number: ^ ([1-9][0-9]*] + (.[0-9]{1,2})......)
What are the advantages of 1.React Native relative to the original IOS and Android? 1. performance comparable to native APP 2. using JavaScript encoding, as long as learning this language 3. most of the code Android and IOS can share 4. component development, code reuse is very high 5., with the general web page, modify the code can automatically refresh, do not need to compile slowly, save a lot of compile time wait 6. support APP hot update, update no need to re install APP Disadvantages: relative memory consumption.