Recently, we have received feedback that the CDN domain name (WX1. Vv1234. CN) of the map bed occasionally prompts that it is unable to visit this website, and the connection has been reset. After testing, such a situation will occur when the new version of chrome requests to Qianxin website Guardian node (the original 360 website guard). This problem has been reported to the website guard team, and now the website guard node has been removed, Real time effective, if this kind of problem still appears, welcome to feedback in time

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We all know that wechat scanning is very common. It's basically used to scan code, pay attention to wechat, scan code to pay, and in addition, if the QR code to be scanned is a link, you can directly open the access, and the non linked text will be displayed directly. However, sometimes we need to use a scan on our own webpage, and then process the results according to our own needs. What should we do? Some students feel very strange, how can there be such a demand. In fact, there are many usage scenarios, such as: scanning the bar code on the express delivery order to query its progress progress. In the system, the production progress can be queried according to the barcode on the production order. The delivery system scans the QR code of URL type in and out of the warehouse, but does not open it. It only intercepts the value of a parameter after the URL, scans the code to collect or exchange coupons, etc... Take a look at the following application effect

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As of 16:47:26 on August 31, 2021, there are 306 in China   5A   Level scenic spot. Here are the details. Jiangsu (25) CCTV Wuxi film and television base Three Kingdoms Water Margin Scenic Spot Nanjing Confucius Temple Qinhuai Scenic Zone Nanjing Zhongshan cemetery Nantong Haohe scenic spot Zhou Enlai's hometown tourist attraction Dafeng Zhonghua Milu Park Changzhou Huanqiu dinosaur City Leisure Tourism Zone Yangzhou Slender West Lake scenic spot Wuxi Lingshan scenic spot Wuxi City Yuantouzhu scenic spot, Qinhu scenic spot, Jiangyan City, Jiangsu Province, Hongze Lake Wetland scenic spot, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, China Spring and autumn Yancheng tourist area, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province Yunlong Lake scenic spot, Huishan ancient town scenic spot, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, Lianyun, Jiangsu Province

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Query address seen on Kuan Screen shot of password 3618 information filling interface   The query results will be informed by SMS within 24 hours   Excerpt of the use statement on the inquiry page: the use guide of the national mobile phone card "one card general check" is a public welfare inquiry service jointly launched by the Ministry of industry and information technology and jointly launched by China Academy of communications, China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom. It can provide users with the number of telephone cards in their own name free of charge. 1. The main functions and processes of the national mobile phone card "one card pass check" is mainly for mobile phone users in China. Users can enter the certificate information and

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      AFA's 30 plus family members urged him to start a career and become a blind date. His name is ah Hua. He is gentle and smart. IKEA IKEA. Ah FA didn't panic when he first met ah Hua. He was very polite. I heard that ah Hua should marry her on the 28th of this year. Later, the development of the story was not bad. A fa lifted a white veil for her. The man was not the first love of ah Ling, nor the ah Juan who let him grow up. Ah Hua took up a fa rose The flowers bloom tomorrow, push the cup and change the lamp, firm step, hand in hand with the white head. Later, the story is not bad. The two people have three meals and four seasons are painted, firewood, rice, oil, salt, parenting and raising a family. Occasionally, she will listen to you to talk about Barca's blessing. He wishes him. Even if the princess is not wearing a hairpin flower, he is worthy of embracing happiness. No matter whether he is alive, old or dead, his song of blessing him is sung into the wine cup Some love fairy tales

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In general, port release (general) firewall CMD -- zone = public -- add port = 45056 / TCP -- permanent firewall CMD -- zone = public -- add port = 45056 / UDP -- permanent ා delete port firewall CMD -- zone = public -- remove port = 45056 / TCP -- permanent firewall CMD -- zone = public -- remove port = 45

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Nginx forward proxy configuration reference is suitable for intranet servers to connect to the Internet through proxy. Strictly speaking, it may not meet the requirements of the equal protection 2.0 specification. Please confirm with your company before using the project of public institutions. HTTP proxy configuration example server {resolver; # configure DNS for domain name resolution resolver ᦇ u timeout 5S; # domain name resolution timeout (5 seconds) Listening port access log / usr / local / nginx / logs / reverse. Access. Log main; error? Lo

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Effect demonstration: click on the blank of the current page or visit View effect reference mode: < script crossorigin = "anonymous" integrity = "sha384 ry / jv8mmhqdabxso + ucggqktdmbfd3qc2 / kvytdnq6pcujxaxktmtmepoqda4g5vb" SRC=“ "></script> <scri…

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Only kms online activation ideas are provided, and some download resources are collected from the Internet~

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