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identity privilege

  • Identity

    Exclusive logo, highlighting distinguished status

  • Medal of membership

    Honour the medal of membership, and the annual Medal of honor.

  • Micro-blog membership Icon

    QQ client lighting micro-blog members cool Icon

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Personal privilege

  • Micro-blog dress up

    Personality and achievement of thousands of faces

  • Chinese account

    Annual membership fee exclusive membership, directly @ Chinese account.

  • Micro-blog membership

    Distinguished red, distinctive

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Functional privilege

  • Stewardship Professional Edition

    The interface is fresher and the reading is smoother.

  • Mood unlock

    Changing mood makes life more colorful.

  • Seven days automatic skin replacement

    Skin changes every day, good mood every day.

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Growth privilege

  • Experience value acceleration

    Step up, step by step.

  • Membership tasks

    More challenges, more incentives

  • Pick up the medal of excellence

    Light up the medal that has been grabbed.

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Game privilege

  • Dream Q Fairy

    Opening a membership in the game is a super gift.

  • Legend of God

    Exclusive value 40QB gift package

  • Recruit relatives

    Micro-blog members enjoy exclusive value package.

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Life privilege

  • Telephone recharge 4% off

    Automatic recharge within 48 hours