Official stable version

The latest stable version is 1.1 (17.10.30) We recommend that all users install this version. If you are installing it for the first time, please check it first. Installation document If you want to upgrade the existing version, please backup the data before upgrading and follow it. Upgrade steps Operation.

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Latest development Edition

The development edition is a real-time package version of the code, which contains the latest functions. However, due to insufficient testing, it has increased the chance of risk. It is recommended not to use this version in the formal production environment.

Edition: C17bdaf6066e345bf868c3d8bfde0acff22ce140
Time: September 3rd
 Build status

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Historical version

Version Status Publish Date Download
Zero point nine (13.12.12) Release 2013-12-12 Tar.gz (385 KB)
Zero point eight (10.8.15) Release 2010-08-15 Tar.gz (278 KB)
Zero point seven (9.10.31) Release 2009-11-10 Tar.gz (273 KB)
Zero point six (9.6.1) Release 2009-06-03 Tar.gz (254 KB)
Zero point five (9.3.13) Release 2009-03-13 Tar.gz (364 KB)
Zero point four (9.1.21) Release 2009-01-21 Tar.gz (317 KB)
Zero point three (8.12.30) Release 2008-12-30 Tar.gz (248 KB)