The origin of the name

Typecho is composed of two words, type and echo, from the brainstorming of the development team.

Type, there is the meaning of typing. Blog is a platform for us to express ourselves on the Internet by typing. Echo, which means echo, feedback and resonance, is also the most common and important function in PHP. I believe that most PHP enthusiasts are from echo'Hello, world!, and start their own PHP programming.

The name indicates that Typecho is a blog program. It is issued under the license of GPL version 2. Based on PHP (PHP5 version above), it can be run on various platforms and support multiple databases (Mysql, PostgreSQL, SQLite).

Why develop Typecho

It comes from the cleanliness and fanaticism of the development team at the spiritual level. Most of the time we use blog programs, we just send out a few paragraphs, paste a few pictures, do not need sophisticated and complex systems, and need a simple and fast blog platform. In the popular open source program, we rarely meet our requirements, so we decided to develop a character blog program by ourselves and distribute it with open source protocol.

Several people in the development team are IT practitioners who benefit greatly from the open source world in the process of growing up. This project is also a reward for our open source.

How to participate in the development of Typecho

Typecho currently in use Git To control the program version, if you want to contribute the source code for Typecho, you'd better understand it first. Usage of Git We are hosting the project at present. GitHub Any GitHub user can contribute code to us.

The way of participation is very simple. [Fork] a Typecho code is sent to your warehouse, submitted after revision, and applied to us for Pull Request. We will check with your application and check the code in time. After the review is passed, your code will be entered into our warehouse by Merge, so that you will automatically appear. Contributor list It's very convenient.

We hope that the code you contribute is in line with:

  1. Coding specification of Typecho
  2. Proper notes can make others read.
  3. Follow GPL V2 protocol

Commercial use

Use in commercial websites

You can freely use Typehco in commercial websites without having to pay other fees for it.

The two development based on Typecho

If the code after your two development is open-source, please distribute it according to the GPL V2 protocol.

If your two development code is closed and commercial, please follow the following principles. And attach it to your software manual to inform users.

  1. This software is based on free open source Typecho.
  2. Typecho software copyright in software is independent of other parts of the software and belongs to all Typecho teams (you can choose to distribute Typecho parts to your users. However, in the file organization of the installation package, the two must be separated. The Typecho part must be a complete package, file or directory issued by the government as "Typecho". You can replace the files in the original package with your associated files after installation.
  3. The Typecho team does not provide consulting, interpreting, and other additional services for any user who has distributed the code two times.
  4. The Typecho team is not responsible for the security, availability, integrity and other risks and losses that may be caused by any two distribution of code.
  5. All the commercial packages in the final distribution contain Typecho, but do not inform users that the above matters are considered illegal. The Typecho team reserves the right to pursue relevant legal responsibilities.

About Typecho team

The predecessor of Typecho is an open source blog program called Magike, developed by the sponsor of Typecho project 70. The initial formation of the Typeche team was in the first WordCamp China activities, and later more like-minded members joined this vigorous project before the Typecho was available.

The team members come from all over the world, follow the idea of agile development, communicate through email, IM and make development plans, and use spare time in their spare time to complete various jobs.

Participate in communication

Recommended way of communication

  1. Forum - click Page Upper Of Community Button to enter the forum to participate in communication.
  2. GitHub - if you need to submit bug or suggestions, please enter Typecho hosting. Address on GitHub Click the New issue button.
  3. Mailing list - click in According to the prompts, subscribe to the mail list you are interested in, update the information in time, and exchange experiences with friends from all over the world.
  4. Gtalk Group - join in Gtalk.

Informal way of communication

QQ group - there are currently three main QQ exchange groups 1466531811078247357711.
Due to the unknown legal and security risks, we do not know whether your message will be presented to the third party. Please use it carefully.