Something that stays in your mind will someday spring up in your life.

Three years Typecho precipitation, now, in response to your waiting.

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Lightweight and efficient

Just 7 data tables, plus less than 400KB code, implements the complete plug-in and template mechanism. Ultra low CPU and memory usage are enough to bring the highest performance of the host.

Advanced stability

Native support Markdown typesetting syntax, easy to read and easier to write. Support all kinds of cloud hosts such as BAE/GAE/SAE, and even deal with unexpected high visits.

Simple and friendly

The carefully polished interface is still your familiar face, and more mature and intimate. Each pixel is tailored to perfection.

Just three steps to build your website.

Choose a reliable host provider who can provide support services for installation programs.
Download the program version that is suitable for you and install it. In less than one song, the program will run.
Read the documents and make him a unique website, waiting for the "wow cool" of my friends.

500000 user's common choice

Typecho is permeate with her simple character, attracting you like a slim beauty.

A house
Front end development engineer

In pursuit of a perfect user experience and information accessibility, Typecho will do better in popularizing and promoting Web's accessibility and awareness.

Yang Yong Quan
Internet information accessibility promoters

Just as the original intention of Typecho is and what we are doing, it is enough for us to express our platform by typing, but not enough, but good enough.

School students, bloggers