Something that stays in your mind will someday spring up in your life.

N years of Typecho precipitation, now, respond to your wait

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Lightweight and efficient

Only 7 data tables, plus less than 400KB of code, the complete plug-in and template mechanism is implemented. Ultra low CPU and memory utilization, enough to give full play to the maximum performance of the host.

Advanced and stable

Native support markdown typesetting syntax, easy to read and write. Support bAE / gae / SAE and other cloud hosts, even in the face of sudden high traffic, can also easily cope with.

Simple and friendly

Carefully polished the operation interface, is still your familiar face, more mature and intimate. Each pixel clipping is only for further perfection.

Build your website in just three steps

Choose a reliable host provider who can provide support for the installation program
Download and install the version of the program that suits you. The program will run in less than a song
Read the usage documents, build him into a unique website, and wait for friends' "wow ~ cool"

Common choice of 500000 users

Typecho has her simple personality all over her body, which attracts you like a slim beauty.

A Si
Front end development engineer

Pursuing perfect user experience and paying attention to information accessibility, Typecho will do better in popularizing and promoting the concept and awareness of Web accessibility.

Yang Yongquan
Internet information accessibility promoter

As Typecho was originally intended and is doing, let's type to express our platform, not much, but good enough, that's enough.

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