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Attitude of Baidu Post Bar to illegal information

Baidu Post Bar has always attached great importance to cracking down on all kinds of illegal information, including political harmful information, pornographic and vulgar information

Extortion information, etc.

according to Post agreement Post bar directly delete the illegal information, according to the circumstances of the users who release the illegal information

Severe punishment such as blocking or canceling account number will be given.

Please refer to Post it and announce it Illegal information publicity zone
  • Political harmful information

    Users publish Nazi information in the post bar, which resolutely crack down on the harmful political information on the Internet, and strictly investigate the distortion of history, attacks on the party and government, national system, and the release of fascist, Nazi and other harmful information.

     Harmful political information
  • Pornographic and vulgar information

    As for such information, the post bar will continue to strengthen the cleaning up of pornographic information, strengthen human resources, upgrade technical means, optimize the working mechanism, and increase the disposal of pornographic information.

     Pornographic website advertisement
  • Extortion information

    Users publish information in the post bar for blackmail, which is even more illegal. The post bar will strictly crack down on the harmful information such as network extortion, strictly investigate the dissemination of network extortion and other information, and carry out analysis and follow-up, so as to increase the processing accuracy of network extortion information.

     Extortion information
  • Illegal gambling advertisement

    Users register spam accounts in batch, such as "quanshao 3942", etc., and lure you to participate in illegal gambling activities with the bait of making money by playing games and drawing profits from people in multiple post bars. Such activities not only violate national laws and regulations, but also easily cause your property losses. Once such information and account number are found, they shall be handled and banned immediately.

     Illegal gambling advertisement
  • False charge deletion advertisement

    User "true"_ QQ number 514224 "and so on, in the commercial category, the region class post bar to publish the advertisement, claimed as long as pays may delete the post. This kind of advertisement, after paying, not only can't delete the post, but also may cause chain blackmail. It is very easy to cause your property loss. Similar ads have been deleted and cleaned up by the post bar, and the corresponding users have been banned by the post bar.

     False charge deletion advertisement
  • Answer to the sales examination

    Users in CET-4, CET-6 and so on, sell answers to large-scale tests through posting, and cheat in exams. Publishing such advertisements itself has violated the law, and it is even more illegal to participate in the sale. Post bar for such information to carry out strict screening and cleaning.

     Answer to the sales examination
User publicity zone for illegal information release
    Other relevant instructions

    1. How to delete a post that violates the post bar agreement:

    2. Warning of fraud such as charge deletion and posting:

    3. Be alert to all kinds of transaction information fraud