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This agreement is an agreement signed between Baidu company and you (any registered users of Baidu company who purchase or use t-bean are collectively referred to as "you" or "user") on the acquisition, use and related service content of t-bean (hereinafter referred to as "t-bean service"). If you start to use the t-bean service, you confirm that you are bound by this agreement. The restrictions and exceptions may be highlighted in bold or underlined form. Please read all the contents of the terms of service carefully before accepting the terms of service. If you do not agree with any content of this agreement, or can not accurately understand Baidu's interpretation of the terms, please do not use t-bean service, otherwise, any behavior of you obtaining, recharging and using t-bean for commodity purchase will be deemed as your approval of all contents of this agreement.

This agreement will be regarded as the supplementary provisions of Baidu company's relevant product platform service agreement and platform rules (including but not limited to "Post Bar agreement", "good-looking video user service agreement", "national small video user service agreement", etc.), which is an integral part of Baidu company and constitutes a unified whole. In case of any conflict between this Agreement and the above contents, this Agreement shall prevail.

The content of this agreement also includes the relevant rules and business rules about this agreement that may be continuously released by Baidu company. Once officially released, the above contents shall be an integral part of this agreement, and you shall abide by the same.

Baidu company has the right to modify the terms of this agreement. Once the revised agreement is published, it will replace the original agreement. You can check the latest version at any time.

If you are a minor under the age of 18, we suggest that you ask your guardian to read this Agreement carefully and use t-bean service or provide information to Baidu company with your guardian's consent.

Chapter one what is t-bean

Baidu's specific video, but not limited to Baidu's specific company's video, Baidu's video can be used in specific scenes.

Chapter 2 how to get t-bean

Baidu company opens a "t-bean account" for each user. Users can obtain t-bean through the ways set by Baidu company, including but not limited to "active access", "activity acquisition" and "purchase of the designated post bar impression to get gift".

The t-bean obtained by all users will be filled into the user's "t-bean account". Once the T bean in the user's account is obtained, it can't be returned to RMB. The user should use it in the products and scenarios provided by Baidu company. If the user has not used the t-bean for [2] years from the date of obtaining the t-bean, the unused t-bean will be regarded as expired, and the system will automatically deduct the t-bean on the expiration date.

The third chapter is the usage scenarios and rules of t-bean

1. Duration props

1.1 you can use t bean to exchange a single item of this category, and the usage time will be calculated when the exchange is successful.

1.2 after exchange, it is not allowed to exchange the same item again until the props of the duration category are expired.

1.3 you can also use the props directly after purchasing the corresponding members, and the duration of use is the same as that of the members. If the user first exchanges t beans for props, and then purchases the members bound with the props, then the use time of the props can be accumulated; after the users purchase members, the bound props are displayed as purchased, and the users can't exchange them again until the member expires.

2. Times props

2.1 you can use the T bean to exchange the times of props; you can start to use them when the exchange is successful. If the user consumes the props, the corresponding use times will be reduced according to the consumption times;

2.2 users can repeatedly exchange such props.

3. All redeemed items are not refundable.

4. you can check t-bean's expenditure record, income record, recharge record and balance in the account at any time through PC or mobile terminal "HTTPS: / / tieba. Baidu. COM / tbmall / home". In addition to the above query methods, you can also query through a specific product platform, which is subject to the actual mode provided by the product platform.

Please check your account carefully. Baidu company will not refund the fees and will not make any compensation or compensation if the user's own account number is wrong, the operation is improper, or the user does not know the charging method and other non Baidu company reasons, such as wrong account number, wrong choice of recharge type and wrong filling amount.

6. When using t-bean related services, you must bear the following risks beyond the control of Baidu company, including but not limited to:

6.1 possible service interruption or delay during the period of system shutdown maintenance, upgrade and adjustment announced by Baidu company;

6.2 the risk of data transmission failure due to telecommunication or equipment failure;

6.3 the risk that Baidu company cannot provide services normally due to force majeure such as typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, power failure, war, terrorist attack, government regulation, etc;

6.4 service interruption or delay caused by hacker attack, technical adjustment or failure of telecommunication department, website upgrade, problems of related third parties, etc.

Chapter IV special provisions for minors

1. The guardian of minor users should guide and supervise their online behavior, avoid the minors from knowing the guardian's baidu account number and the payment information of the third-party payment account, and provide correct guidance for the minors to use Baidu products or services.

2. If you are a minor under the age of 18, you should read and agree to this agreement under the guardianship and guidance of the guardian, and obtain, recharge and use t beans with the consent of the guardian. Baidu company has the right to independently judge whether your behavior is effective according to laws and regulations and your use.

Chapter V liability clauses

1. If Baidu company finds or receives reports from others that you have violated the user agreement and platform rules of Baidu company, Baidu company has the right to make independent judgment according to law and take technical measures to deal with it. At the same time, Baidu company has the right to take measures against you, including but not limited to suspending or terminating part or all of the services under this agreement, suspending or terminating your use of Baidu related account, and investigating your legal liability, depending on the nature of your behavior. Baidu company does not need to refund any fees to you, and the losses caused to you (including but not limited to communication interruption and related data clearing) are not required The balance of empty and unused t beans shall be owned by Baidu company as liquidated damages. You shall also compensate Baidu company for the loss caused by your illegal behavior.

2. in order to protect the service quality and legitimate rights and interests of you and Baidu company, please make sure to recharge t-bean through the payment method provided by Baidu company. If you obtain t-beans through unofficial channels and / or illegally, causing any loss to Baidu company, Baidu company has the right to take measures, including but not limited to account freezing, restricting the use of illegal t-beans, freezing all t beans in your account, and investigating your legal responsibilities. Any loss caused by the above behaviors shall be borne by you, and if it is given to Baidu public security, Baidu company shall have the right to take measures against you All losses caused by the company shall be compensated by you (the compensation scope includes but not limited to the penalty, compensation, lawyer's fees, litigation costs, travel expenses, etc.) paid by Baidu company due to punishment, litigation and complaint.

Chapter VI alteration, suspension or termination of services

1. You fully understand and agree that due to the particularity of Internet services, Baidu company has the right to change, suspend or terminate some or all services in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations and the requirements of relevant competent departments, complaints and reports of third-party obligees, cooperation, and business development of Baidu company, and shall not be liable for breach of contract.

2. Baidu company reserves the right to interpret the above contents within the scope of law. This agreement is formulated by Baidu company, and may be interpreted and modified in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, and the version published on Baidu company's official website shall prevail.

Updated: October 24, 2019