Baidu Post Bar System (3rd edition in 2020)

"Baidu Post bar owner system" has been approved by Baidu Post Bar User Management Committee on September 23, 2020. It is hereby promulgated and will come into effect on September 24, 2020.

Baidu Post Bar System (3rd edition in 2020)
The owner of the post bar is the core user of Baidu Post Bar. It stands out from hundreds of millions of enthusiastic netizens. It is approved by the official according to certain standards. They are mainly responsible for the content construction and user management of the bar that they are interested in.
Spirit of bar owners: Mission inheritance, mutual assistance and fraternity
Bar owners are responsible for the construction of their own post bar mission, which is the responsibility, sense of achievement linked together. Besides interest, it's also a great motivation.
A bar owner can not be immutable. The friendship, management experience, love for post bar and nostalgia for bar friends of each generation need a spirit of inheritance to continue.
Mutual assistance:
Post bar is an emotional product, so is the manager of each bar. Mutual assistance is a positive energy transfer.
care for:
Bar owner to bar friend's one kind pays, one-sided does not ask for the return love.
Chapter I General Program
Article 1
This system provides the daily code of conduct for all bar owners in the post bar. See the bar owners' growth guidance in details《 Baidu Post Bar Master Guide 》。
Article 2
The purpose of this system is to guide the bar owners to grow up healthily and correctly exercise their power.
Article 3
This system guides bar owners and users to build a positive, harmonious, United and knowledgeable communication platform.
Article 4
All Baidu Post Bar owners must comply with this system.
Chapter 2: becoming the owner of the bar
Article 5
Baidu Post Bar is divided into two stages: internship bar owner and formal bar master.
Article 6
Internship bar master is the prototype of Baidu Post Bar Bar master, with the same authority.
Article 7
Internship bar owner as long as smoothly through the 7-day internship period, you can become a formal bar master.
Article 8
If you create a new bar that you are interested in and successfully accept the invitation of the system internship bar owner, the creator can become the internship bar owner.
Article 9
In the bar without a bar owner, apply for the bar owner, and be elected as the official bar owner after the election vote.
Chapter 3 qualified bar owners
Article 10
After taking office, the main work is the basic work in the bar. As a qualified bar owner.
Article 11
With Baidu Post Bar values consistent and have a strong sense of responsibility.
Article 12
Ensure the quality of the post in the bar, and deal with the bad information in the bar in time, such as advertising, gambling, drugs, political sensitivity, infringement, false information, etc
Article 13
Attract more users to join in and keep them active through the contents and activities of the bar.
Article 14
Establish the bar rules suitable for the development of the bar.
Article 15
Lead the bar service team, guide the cultural atmosphere in the bar, and actively explore the excellent content.
Article 16
Log in to your area every day and keep a steady online time every week.
Article 17
Pay attention to the construction of the bar service team and maintain the stability of the bar service team.
Chapter IV obligations of the owner
Article 18
Bar owners have the obligation to cooperate with the official management work.
Article 19
Users have the obligation to maintain the harmonious atmosphere and harmonious content.
Article 20
Bar owners have the obligation to build and maintain the characteristic cultural atmosphere in the bar.
Article 21
It's my duty to maintain the image of the owner.
Article 22
Bar owners have the obligation to support official activities, including post bar promotion and other user related activities.
Article 23
The owner of the bar has the obligation to keep confidential the sensitive content such as official information or activity plan.
Article 24
Timely feedback opinions, suggestions and other special situations to the official.
Article 25
The owner of the bar must actively log in the post bar under his jurisdiction to maintain the content of the user's post. In principle, in the post bar under his jurisdiction, the illegal content in the home page shall not exist for more than 72 hours.
Article 26
In the process of post bar management, bar owners are strictly forbidden to make subjective supportive comments and operations (such as refining, topping and reply) for the illegal contents in the bar.
Article 27
The owner of the bar should consciously safeguard the interests of Baidu and cooperate with the work of the management group of post bar.
Article 28
If the owner of the post bar violates any of the terms of this agreement, Baidu Post Bar has the right to warn him, close part of the bar owner's authority, revoke his identity, suspend or even delete his account number.
Chapter five: bar democracy
Article 29
Bar friends have the right to vote in the form of reasonable settlement of major issues in the bar and to monitor the behavior of the bar owners.
Article 30
The democratic system of bar owners should be applied to the appointment of bar owners and other important matters.
Article 31
The voting period of the democratic system is set at 3-7 days according to different situations.
Article 32
At the end of the voting, the decision is made according to the number of votes for each item.
Chapter VI rights of bar owners
Article 33
The owner has the right to use the management tools provided by Baidu Post Bar.
Article 34
Right inside bad content and user, have the right to delete, ban and pull black.
Article 35
The owner of the bar has the right to set up a bar management team and appoint, assess and remove the members of the management team.
Article 36
During his term of office, the bar owner enjoys the training opportunities provided by Baidu Post Bar.
Article 37
During the term of office, the bar owner enjoys other forms of rewards from Baidu Post Bar.
Article 38
The official of post bar will actively protect the personal rights such as the right of reputation and privacy enjoyed by the bar owner during his term of office. If there are slander and malicious slander against the bar owner, the official post bar will deal with the infringer according to the facts.
Article 39
Bar owners enjoy activities provided by Baidu Post Bar, gifts and other support for bar construction.
Article 40
Bar owners have the priority to participate in offline training and activities organized by the government.
Article 41
Excellent performance of the bar owners to Baidu company internship and work fast channel.
Article 42
Media publicity of typical cases and characters.
Chapter 7 the appointment of the bar owner
Section 1
General manager
Article 43
Ways to take office
(1) The new bar owners will be selected by means of election voting. There are three kinds of application entrance, which need to use the post bar client.
(1) Click the avatar to enter the bar information page and select "bar master application";
(2) Click the recruitment bar owner prompt on the built-in top to enter the "apply for bar master" page;
(3) Click the "apply for bar owner now" button below the bar name to enter the "apply for bar owner" page.
(2) From the date of election, the application period is calculated as follows:
(1) Open recruitment: start with the time when the first user in the bar submits the bar master application;
(2) Review period: review the quality of the applicant's historical speech in this bar;
(3) Open voting: 10:00 a.m. the next day after the official completion of the quality audit of all applicants in the bar;
(4) Results publicity: by default, it is 10:00 a.m. on the specified natural days after voting;
(5) Authorization: the publicity period is 48 hours. After the publicity, the authority of the new bar owner will be given.
(3) Because the number of participants in the election voting of each bar is different, the participation process is subject to the display time of the election voting page.
Article 44
Application conditions
(1) Members of this bar need to reach the designated level;
(2) Pay attention to this bar for more than the specified days;
(3) This card is invalid in 7 days;
(4) In the past 30 days of this bar, the cumulative number of topic posts need to reach the specified number;
(5) The application criteria of each bar are different. Please refer to the conditions displayed on the application page when applying;
(6) The account needs to be bound with mobile phone number, and real name authentication needs to pass Baidu AI face recognition;
(7) The account is not in the full bar blocking state / this bar blocking state;
(8) The current number of bar owners + the number of bar owners applied for is less than 3;
(9) Fill in the complete information in the "application bar owner" page;
(10) After meeting the above conditions, the applicant will enter the examination period, and the official will review the quality of the applicant's historical speech in this bar, and the applicant can only be voted after passing the examination;
(11) The application conditions shall be subject to the actual prompts on the application page.
Article 45
Audit standards
Randomly check the history speech of the applicant, if any of the following items is included, it is unqualified:
(1) Involving illegal contents, seriously endangering the safety of society, personal and property;
(2) Endangering national security or disrupting normal social order;
(3) Contents that infringe upon other people's legitimate rights and interests such as portrait right, privacy right, reputation right, etc;
(4) It advocates negative emotions and views that are not in line with socialist values;
(5) Buying and selling accounts, using machines to post replies and other activities that disrupt the normal order of the post bar;
(6) They do not agree with the official values and do not maintain the official values;
(7) A large number of illegal contents such as water stickers, advertisements and insults were published;
Article 46
Election method
(1) Fill in the "main" information
(1) Basic information: apply for ID, real name, front and back of ID card, mobile phone number, application speech and face recognition authentication. The above information must be true and valid. The mobile phone number will be bound by default and cannot be modified. Baidu Post Bar promises to protect privacy information;
(2) Supplementary supporting materials: limited to the content of the pictures, any supplementary supporting materials you upload (including your professional ability certification pictures, etc.) will be publicly displayed in the post bar voting post as your campaign information. Please make sure that all the information you upload is true, legal and valid. It is strictly prohibited to upload the content that is illegal, illegal or may involve infringement of the rights of a third party. Please upload carefully;
(2) After selecting "submit application", the official post bar will randomly check the history speech of the applicant. Those who do not meet the requirements will be rejected, and those who pass the examination can enter the next link;
(3) After the approval, the system will release the personal voting post for you by default, landing on your personal home page. You can also manually publish the personal voting post to the bar to attract more friends. At the same time, the voting post will show you the voting countdown.
Article 47
Personal voting notes:
(1) After submitting the application, it needs to pass the speech quality audit before entering the voting stage;
(2) Your application will be submitted in the form of ID and testimonial by default;
(3) Whether the voting posts are synchronized from the personal homepage to the bar will not affect the election campaign;
(4) The voting post supports sharing within the station, and does not support voting outside the station;
(5) During the voting period, the "vote" button in the voting post takes effect, and only the countdown of voting is displayed at other times;
(6) Each member of the bar will vote, and the system will automatically generate the content of "user name + vote for you The content of other forms of reply will be regarded as invalid voting;
(7) If the ballot sticker is deleted by the applicant, the candidate will be disqualified from the election and all the votes obtained will be invalid;
(8) There will be an applicant number in the ballot post, which will be automatically generated by the system according to the time when the applicant submits the application.
Article 48
Voting method:
(1) During the voting period, click the "vote" button in the individual voting post released by the system;
(2) During the voting period, vote for the candidates you support in the voting page at the top of the bar;
(3) During the voting period, if the voter deletes the reply content after voting, the vote will be invalid by default;
(4) During the voting period, if there is malicious swiping of votes, the official will cancel the cheating vote or disqualification according to the seriousness of the case. The disqualification will be deemed that the bar is not allowed to participate in the election of the bar owner within 30 days.
Article 49
Eligibility to vote:
(1) Members of this bar need to reach the designated level;
(2) Pay attention to this bar for more than a specified number of days,;
(3) In this bar nearly 7 days, the cumulative check-in needs to reach the specified number of times, the use of supplementary signature card is invalid;
(4) In the past 30 days of this bar, the cumulative number of topic posts need to reach the specified number;
(5) The voting standards of each bar are different. Please refer to the conditions displayed on the voting page when voting;
(6) The account is not in the full bar blocking state / this bar blocking state;
(7) Each eligible barmate has only one valid vote in a single round of voting, and repeated voting is invalid;
(8) Each eligible barmate has 20 valid votes per day and can participate in 20 rounds of voting;
(9) During the voting period, the ranking method of election barfriends in the top post voting page is based on the application submission time by default, and is not affected by other factors. The voting page will display the bar rank, the total number of favors, the total number of Posts and the total number of replies;
(10) After the voting, the results will be displayed by the total number of votes, and will be publicized in the bar for 48 hours. During this period, the official will verify the authenticity of the voting information, and will not give the owner relevant authority. If there are violations, the current user's bar owner qualification will be cancelled, and the candidates without violations will be postponed according to the voting ranking. After the end of the publicity period, the new bar owner will be given complete rights and interests as soon as possible;
(11) In the process of election, if there are large-scale cheating, swiping tickets and other violations, the official will judge whether to terminate the election according to the seriousness of the case, and reopen the recruitment of bar owners.
Article 50
If the number of net votes is equal to the first, the user with higher level of the bar will be the bar owner by default; if the number of net votes and the grade are consistent, the user who submits the application for the bar owner at the first time will be the bar owner by default.
Section 2
Internship manager takes office
Article 51
New bar, after the creation of successful internship bar.
Article 52
After users set up the bar, they began to enter the 7-day internship period. Within 7 days, if the user completes the internship assessment target, that is, after the internship period, the user will automatically become the official bar owner, and enjoy and undertake the rights and obligations related to the bar owner under this agreement.
Article 53
The authority of the trainee bar owner is the same as that of the official bar owner, and he is also subject to the supervision of the barman and the official.
Article 54
The name of the bar used by the user shall not violate the relevant national laws and regulations, and shall not have the same name as the post bar that has been created in advance, and the user cannot create the type prohibited by the relevant national laws and regulations, policies and post bar platform management policies. And need to complete the ID card real name verification.
Article 55
Baidu Post Bar may be based on the development of each bar, give some reward measures to excellent post bar owners, specific incentive criteria please follow the relevant policies published by Baidu Post Bar.
Chapter 8 assessment of the main bar
Section 1
General assessment
Article 56
In order to improve the enthusiasm of the bar owners and the survival of the fittest, the official will assess the bar owners according to certain standards every month.
Article 57
The scope of the assessment of the bar owner: the assessment scope of the bar master is all the existing bar owners and bar service teams.
Article 58
Assessment rules: complete the assessment every 30 days, (1) post or reply once in this bar; (2) use the bar manager management tool. Any one of the above will be regarded as the completion of the assessment. If the assessment is not completed, the next owner will be appointed.
Section 2
Practice bar master assessment
Article 59
After the internship period, you can enter the internship period as follows:
(1) Upload your avatar;
(2) Upload the introduction of bar;
(3) Ben bar signed in once;
(4) Ben bar post 1 time;
Article 60
In 7 days to complete the internship goal can become a formal bar master, if not through the internship, will be the next internship bar master identity.
Chapter IX handling of violations
Article 61
Bar owners or bar service teams are strictly forbidden to disturb, delete and reply to official activities (including promotion of Post Bar). In case of serious cases, they will be dismissed from their posts.
Article 62
For more than one vest as the same bar owner or more than one bar owner and other violations, official verification will be cancelled according to the provisions of the bar owner qualification.
Article 63
Those who make use of the authority of the bar owner to seek personal benefits improperly will be removed from their posts and permanently frozen according to the circumstances; if the circumstances seriously violate the law, they will be transferred to the public security organ in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
Article 64
For the bar to slander and maliciously slander the bar owner, the official will take protective measures against the bar owner according to the facts, and deal with the defamator
Article 65
Bar owners are strictly prohibited from abusing management authority, blocking normal ID without reason, deleting barfriends to make normal speeches; setting the content that violates national laws and regulations, violates Post Bar agreement, does not conform to the theme of post bar page, or inappropriate content (with commercial purpose or pirated and infringing content, etc.) is set as boutique post, top post and custom link (setting custom link with commercial color and advertising nature is strictly prohibited) Content of).
Article 66
The title name of the bar partition can be configured according to the bar property, not limited to the name with commercial color and advertising nature. It is strictly prohibited to use illegal content as the title name of bar partition.
Article 67
It is strictly forbidden for the owner to use management authority to seek benefits for any organization, institution, enterprise or individual; any content containing business name, logo, contact information and other information (including but not limited to words, pictures, network links, QR codes, etc.) shall be regarded as commercial content.
Article 68
It is strictly forbidden to refine, set the top, restore, or use it as a business card picture, a business card profile, a background map of a post bar, or a friendship link. Once it is found, the management group of the post bar has the right to deal with it according to the seriousness of the case, or cancel it if it is serious.
Article 69
Bar owners are strictly forbidden to organize or participate in any violation of Baidu Post Bar agreement, such as pop bar, swipe the screen, malicious irrigation, personal attacks, release of human flesh information, etc.
Article 70
Bar owners are forbidden to delete the announcement or notice issued by the administrator, and maliciously block the administrator account in the post bar (such as ID with "Baidu or tieba" keyword and real name authentication logo, etc.).
Article 71
The promotion logo of the post bar is certified by the official real name of Baidu. It is strictly forbidden for the bar service team to maliciously delete the reply floor with the promotion logo of the post bar or block the relevant accounts.
Article 72
Bar owners are forbidden to use the management authority to charge, add small bar owners, charge deletion and other acts that damage the normal system of the post bar.
Article 73
The disputes between the bar owners should be actively and friendly communication and seek solutions together.
Article 74
It is strictly forbidden to make use of product loopholes to cause adverse effects on Baidu or Baidu users.
Article 75
Bar owners are not allowed to implement all inappropriate behavior to Baidu company.
Article 76
The owner of the bar has the confidentiality obligation to the content or information he knows, and shall not disclose the content communicated with Baidu and its users. If the circumstances are serious, Baidu company reserves the right to revoke its owner and investigate its legal liability.
Article 77
Local, star, University, brand, company and other bar owners can be appointed on the basis of the above system.
Article 78
Bar owners are strictly prohibited from publishing illegal, pornographic, vulgar, gambling, human flesh information machine and other contents in the bar. It is strictly prohibited to participate in the activities of popping bars, swiping the screen, pouring water maliciously, spreading garbage advertisements maliciously, and personal attacks.
Article 79
Bar owners and bar service teams are allowed to post good items recommendation posts and other related contents in the "bar friendly items" section of the bar.
Article 80
The above regulations are complementary to the user agreement of the post bar. In case of conflict, the user agreement of the post bar shall prevail.
Chapter 10 resignation and revocation
Section 1
Ordinary bar owner resigns
Article 81
Bar owners who need to resign due to their own reasons can log in to the webpage post bar, and click "apply for resignation" on the "bar background" - "Ben Ba settings" page on the right side of the bar to explain the reasons for resignation.
Section 2
Cancel the owner
Article 82
Bar owners who violate any of the provisions of the "bar owner system" will be revoked.
Article 83
The owner of the bar will also be withdrawn from his / her status if he / she fails to meet the standard in daily assessment.
Article 84
After the bar owner is revoked due to violation of the rules, he / she can not apply for the bar owner within 6 months; if the bar owner is revoked because the assessment of the bar owner is not up to standard, the second application of the bar will not be affected.
Article 85
Do not agree with Baidu Post Bar values, do not cooperate with the official post bar.
Article 86
Not actively cooperate with relevant official activities launched by Baidu Post Bar.
Article 87
Any one of the provisions in Chapter 9 violation handling will be revoked.
Article 88
The resignation and revocation of the owners of vertical bars such as regional, star, literature and other vertical bars can be specified on the basis of the above system.
Chapter 11: the owner of vertical bar
Section 1
Campus bar owner
Article 89
Conditions for the appointment of campus bar owners
(1) In principle, the applicant should be a student in the school where the post bar is located;
(2) Applicants must provide valid Student ID or reading proof on the application page according to the official requirements of the post bar;
(3) Other processes are consistent with the appointment of the owner in Chapter 7.
Article 90
Cancellation and replacement rules of campus bar owners
(1) Bar friends complain that the bar owner is not a student of our school or has left school after graduation. After verification, the bar owner's authority will be revoked as appropriate;
(2) The authority of the bar owner will be revoked if he / she provides false certificate or false personal information;
(3) It is not allowed to use any excuse to facilitate alumni, graduation transfer, etc. to refine or top up the post containing business information. Once found, the authority of the bar owner shall be revoked immediately, except for the content approved by the official report;
(4) In case of negative rejection and malicious boycott of official activities, warning will be given as appropriate, and if the circumstances are serious, the authority of the bar owner will be revoked;
(5) If a student fails to submit a valid student certificate or reading certificate within the prescribed time limit, the official of the post bar has the right to revoke the authority of the bar owner;
(6) The longest term of office of the campus bar owner is 4 years. If the term exceeds the maximum term, it will be revoked.
(7) Any one of the provisions in Chapter 9 violation handling will be revoked.
Section 2
Commercial official bar owner
Article 91
The commercial official bar (hereinafter referred to as the official bar) is established for enterprises and named by brand name, product name and product model. Official bar has different functions, styles and mechanism strategies from ordinary bar.
Article 92
The official bar only accepts the application of its related enterprise users, and does not accept the online application of ordinary users.
Article 93
After signing the commercial contract with the official post bar, the enterprise submits the application form to apply for the owner of the commercial bar according to the format.
Article 94
The validity period of official bar owners is set. The validity period of all official bar owners follows the commercial contract. After the expiration, the enterprise users can choose to renew or leave their posts automatically. One month before the expiration, the official management organization of the post bar will remind and inform.
Article 95
Before the system goes online, the official bar owners can be recovered unconditionally for enterprise users to apply again.
Article 96
The official bar owners do not participate in the system assessment stipulated in Chapter 8.
Article 97
In the official bar, bar owners are forbidden to use administrative authority to publish false advertising information or maliciously attack competitors.
Chapter 12 Disclaimer
Baidu Post Bar reminds you: before using Baidu Post Bar Products (hereinafter referred to as "Post Bar"), please read all contents of this statement carefully. If you do not agree with any content of this statement, you can choose to stop applying for the owner and stop uploading any supporting materials. Otherwise, your click to agree to this statement or upload any supporting materials will be deemed as your knowledge and approval of all the contents of this statement.
Article 98
When applying for the owner of the bar, you need to upload the identity information and supplementary supporting materials that you think can be used for reference according to the system requirements, including but not limited to text, pictures, etc. Once the supplementary supporting materials are uploaded, they will be displayed in your voting post in a public way.
Article 99
Please make sure that the text, pictures and any information in other forms (hereinafter referred to as "bar owner application information") submitted by you belong to you, and such information is true, legal and valid. You should be responsible for any complaints, disputes, lawsuits, penalties or any other disputes caused by your uploading the application information of the bar owner. You are obliged to make full compensation for any loss to Baidu company.
Article 100
If the application information submitted by you is suspected of infringing the legitimate rights of a third party, resulting in a complaint or lawsuit from a third party, Baidu company has the right to make its own judgment according to the complaint and litigation handling rules. You acknowledge and know that Baidu company has the right to delete or notify you to delete such illegal information at any time according to its independent judgment, and all responsibilities arising therefrom shall be borne by you.
Article 101
Baidu company respects and protects the personal privacy of all Baidu users. Any personal information such as name, ID card number, etc. submitted by you when applying for the bar owner will be kept confidential by Baidu company according to the privacy policy. Without your written permission or the mandatory provisions of relevant laws and regulations, Baidu company will not transfer, sell or disclose any of your information to the third party in any form Fang. For details of Baidu privacy protection platform, please refer to http: / / privacy. Baidu. COM /.
Chapter 13 supplementary provisions
Article 102
This system was approved by Baidu Post Bar on September 24, 2020.
Article 103
Baidu company thinks that other inappropriate behavior of the bar owner, baidu reserves the right to deal with it properly.
Article 104
The system will be updated regularly according to the actual situation.
Article 105
Within the scope of legal provisions, Baidu company reserves the right of interpretation.
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