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| Event driven diagnosis system for individual stocks

We analyze and diagnose individual stocks from the following perspectives:

Event driven:
Do individual stocks have event driven themes recently?
Profit momentum:
Does the theme of the event bring about changes in the momentum of individual stock profits?
Relative valuation:
Is the valuation of individual stock market increased due to the impact of the event?

Is the relative valuation of individual stocks reasonable?

Main funds:
Is the main fund purchased? Does the institution increase its position in the latest quarter?
Market intensity:
How strong is the individual stock market? Is there a margin of safety?
Comprehensive rating:
How about the comprehensive rating of individual stocks? Stock selection model based on quantitative strategy of securities in accordance with the contract?

The analysis logic of five dimensional diagnosis unit is as follows

  • *The event caused a change in the profits of individual stocks
  • *Changes in market valuation brought about by changes in earnings
  • *Market valuation changes affect market capital flow
  • *The flow of market capital affects stock price and individual stock form