My summary of 2021

2021 is a year full of disasters. In the first half of this year, the overall luck was pretty good, and I found a family. It is also the first time to take over the development of wechat small programs, as well as the use of springboot to develop some functional things. The second half of the year is basically spent in the process of cancer treatment, all kinds of psychological process, also want to live the meaning of life. Now I feel a little want to make a girlfriend, after all, it is 26 »

 author 2022-01-06

Get out of here, Mr. tumor

I haven't been blogging for a long time. First, I don't know what to write. Second, the daily life is really too busy, at the same time part-time development of two companies, time is basically squeezed to the limit. Originally, I still had time to write a year-end summary every year, but now I don't have this idea. The reason is that in the first half of this year, an appointment was made for the vaccination of the new crown vaccine. At the end of May, I went to have the first injection. At the beginning of June, my family found that my stomach began to become very big. At first, I didn't pay much attention to this problem, because at that time, there was a project on the line and a project was at the end. Both of them are in a very urgent state. At the same time, the two companies are short of staff. I still have to deal with many things by myself. By the time the two projects are basically finished, it will be the end of August. At this time, it was found that the lower limbs began to edema, accompanied by low back pain. Went to the local tertiary hospital to do a routine examination, did not find any problems, is low protein. Finally did a B ultrasound, found that the whole stomach has a large space occupying lesions. I realized that something bad had happened to me. »

 author 2021-10-20

Open the box oneplus 8 hot machine

Android has been used as a hotspot machine for some time. From the earliest oneplus 3T to the later oneplus 5T and 6, we can feel that the CPU process has a great impact on the application. There was no way for 3T's background to run agents. At that time, I started a branch of telegram SMS, which was almost designed for myself: telegraph remote control. The purpose of this branch design is very simple at first, that is to be able to remotely control the Android phone switch hotspot in the package. »

 author 2020-08-31

Thoughts on open source software design

I haven't updated my blog for a long time. I'm going to write one. I have written telegram SMS for more than a year and received a lot of issues. I think it's better to summarize my own experience. Any good unit testing and comprehensive coverage of manual testing from experience, unit testing is very important, a program to be able to develop steadily without unit testing. I personally prefer complex and extreme test cases. After all, many errors are caused by some extreme situations that have not been handled. However, do not rely too much on unit testing. Manual testing should be started before each candidate version is released. Unit testing deals with more common logic errors, Whether some errors can continue to work normally. Manual testing pays more attention to UI experience, function status under normal use, and holistic experience. »

 author 2019-12-11

Zheting Guohang Sony wi-1000x brush machine

Due to the time problem, the original ex750bt battery life is insufficient. Riding 618 monkey, I bought a wi-1000x with a deposit of 1001299 (it is said that the lowest price in history is only 1299, but after thinking about it, I can't buy it anyway, forget it). On 618, the afternoon after I paid the balance, the headset arrived. It can be said that the pre order experience is quite good, at least I don't have to suffer from the express delivery problem of 618. »

 author 2019-06-21

My end of 2018 summary

I didn't think about what to write about this article, so I shelved it until April. 2018 let me know more about friendship and know the people around me. In 2018, we had two failed relationships. There is nothing to say about this feeling. After all, both parties are at fault. Then forgive each other. Sometimes you need to know more about each other to know if you are the right person. Maybe the people you like very much are not from the same world as you. »

 author 2019-04-13

Enable China Telecom volte for oneplus-3t with lineageos

A little free time ago, I wanted to open a telecom volte for oneplus3t. After crawling on the Internet, we found that what we said was almost all about how to modify the MBN of the original oxygen or hydrogen system. For lineageos, there is no mention. So I'll write an article about the difference between configuring volte on a lineageos phone and the official system. »

 author 2019-04-09

Pass the moon and pass the sun treasure

Take a look, from the start of the game to customs clearance, experienced two years of time, during the old 3dsxl out of the second-hand. In the meantime, I started switch and bought the latest "fairy treasure, dream, picachu". First of all, I would like to thank all of you who have contributed to the culture of this work. Without everyone's efforts, I may have to wait a long time to play shangbaokemeng »

 author 2018-12-30

No one knew his pain, he left so forever

In this article, I mourn for tellack flasiz. Just when I was still wondering why I hadn't seen tellack send a message in the group for a long time, a member of the group next door told us a shocking fact that he was no longer there. In my impression, tellack is an optimistic and fun person. I knew him not long after I knew Lao song. At that time, it seems that it was because of minecraft server that I heard about this man from Lao song. At that time, he seemed to be a group of middle school students. In order to open minecraft server, he thought of many ways to pick up garbage, and applied for broadband with public IP. At that time, I still remember that he was using Windows 2012, while I preferred Linux. The two of us have argued about it several times. »

 author 2018-12-29

Replace the MacBook display for the second time

After a few months, my MacBook screen appeared a new problem, the development machine and the writing machine have appeared the phenomenon of blue spots on the screen. It took some time to replace the screens on both laptops because of the visual impact of these blue spots. This is a picture of the developer. It can't be seen from the photo. However, if you look at it, you will find that there are two yellow ribbons on the left and right sides. It is speculated that it is caused by the high temperature of compiling things in the package. »

 author 2018-12-24