Business Data API


Product Introduction

The business data API of microblog open platform provides a convenient channel for enterprise accesses to obtain official microblog data, so that enterprise accesses can provide data analysis, public opinion monitoring, enterprise operation and other services to microblog accounts.

The difference between the common interface and the advanced interface of the platform is as follows:

1. Provide powerful data support for data analysis, public opinion monitoring, enterprise operation and other functions of enterprise access providers;

2. The business data API is partially charged, and some interfaces need to be paid before they can be used;

3. Use independent access to domain names and service resources to provide more powerful guarantee for stability;

Core functions:

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Product logic

The business data API provides REST interface and subscription service to obtain microblog data.

For the REST interface, the access party obtains microblog, comment and official analysis data by actively calling the REST API.

Subscription service is a powerful data retrieval service. According to the subscription conditions (keywords, users, domain names, etc.) set by the subscriber, the platform actively pushes the newly generated data to the application in real time, and the application does not need a polling request interface.

Product logic:

See the following for the specific use method: REST Interface Document Subscription Service User Manual

Product case

Case 1: Industry analysis report from Kongming Technology

Data analysis report of various industries can be realized by searching data and subscribing services.

Case 2: Analysis of user characteristics - from Shanghai Meihua Information

Through fan data and official analysis data, user fan analysis can be realized.

Case 3: Blog analysis - from Shanghai Meihua Information

Blog analysis can be realized through search data, official analysis data and subscription services.

Case 4: Public opinion display - from Digital Software

Public opinion monitoring and analysis can be realized through searching data and subscription services.

Access steps

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Document update time: January 27, 2016