Light application audit specification


Enterprise light application audit

Audit specification
standard concrete content
declare Complete scheme The information is complete and true, and the declaration scheme is not within our limit, or the audit department within the scope has passed
install One button installation Enterprise certified users within the range can install the application in the enterprise application square with one click
function Qualified function Attention function, message sending, account number and other functions meet the requirements
experience Beautiful design Beautiful color matching, clear buttons and other elements, clear structure
High usability Smooth process without repetition, low threshold, and obvious and easy to click main functions
Clear intention The functions embodied in the product can make users feel clearly

Application materials

    • The application materials are complete, including the standard application name, application address and management address; Correct application description, application type, accurate developer information, clear industry and function classification, confirmation of white list restrictions, etc. Ensure that the application description should be consistent with the application function, and confirm the submission of the declaration scheme.

Message sending

    • The enterprise user shall install and use the application after authorization confirmation, and shall not automatically share the use information to the user's microblog directly. It needs to use floating layer or other obvious prompt methods (note: the default check method allows the user to choose not to be included in the obvious prompt range), so that the user can choose "share" or "cancel".

In some complex applications, users are not allowed to automatically share the use content to users' microblogs in every step of operation using the application. Users need to use floating layers or other obvious prompts to allow them to choose "share" or "cancel". Do not use the user account to do any operation with his/her/enterprise's identity without his/her/enterprise's knowledge, including sending private messages, microblogs, @ messages, application invitations, etc. to fans.


    • When a user uses an application, the application itself must not set automatic follow on the official microblog page of the application or the developer's microblog page, but must use floating layers or other obvious prompts to allow the user to choose "follow" or "cancel".
    • Note: If the user is allowed to choose whether to follow the official microblog page or the developer microblog page by checking, the default selection is "followed" or the application with small prompt font will not be approved by the copywriting source

Third party applications of website applications are not recommended to keep the content data of microblog on third-party websites; If necessary, it should be deleted synchronously with Weibo


    • A. For applications that can be bound to multiple user accounts, developers need to monitor user behavior, and users must not use multiple accounts to conduct malicious and illegal operations in the application.
    • B. When multiple accounts log in to the same microblog at the same time, the same information cannot be published

Content regulations

    • A. Please do not use Sina and SINA in the application name and page
    • B. Do not use the standard Sina Weibo logo and variant versions in the application interface to avoid confusion for users
    • c. Do not use the standard Sina Weibo logo, XWeibo logo or variant version of the application icon.
    • D. The home page defines the site ownership of the application
    • E. For voice applications, developers must have relevant national voice product management qualifications, otherwise they will not be approved
    • F. The application response time should not exceed 6 seconds
    • G. The main functions of the application shall not be realized through external links
    • H. Applications that cannot be accessed or used normally
    • 1. The height of the application itself exceeds the height of the frame and no height adaptive code is added

Prohibited applications

    • A. Applications that disclose user privacy
    • B. Application of aggressive words and behaviors
    • C. Applications that threaten the microblog open platform
    • D. Applications that maliciously create zombie fans and are not conducive to the overall development of microblog
    • E. Robot human, multi microblog platform synchronization applications
    • F. Industry restricted application
    • G. Application of financial navigation such as stock
    • H. It is prohibited to develop marketing activity tools such as lottery forwarding or lottery

About Authorization

    • A. When a user logs in to the application page with a microblog account, a "User Authorization Application Confirmation Window" should pop up, with the content of "Grant a third party application permission to use the user account".
    • B. The web application should also have the Oauth authorization page
    • C. After the user is authorized to log in, he/she shall not be allowed to log in for a second time or re register (if for some special reasons, he/she needs to keep other private information such as the user's mailbox, it shall be clearly indicated on the application page, and the user has the right to choose whether to provide more information)

Enter Weibo Enterprise Application Plaza


    • A. Application development approved
    • B. Comply with all application source document review conditions and have passed the document review

Application materials

    • A. All information in the application data is complete and correct;
    • B. The application classification is correctly selected, and the label is consistent with the application function
    • C. Submit comprehensive application screenshots, including screenshots of each step. (For example, after the development team submits the application, it will enter the second review, and the new screenshot can be used only after passing the review)

Application internal

    • A. The application UI design is beautiful and meets the aesthetic standards of the public
    • B. The application is easy to use: the main functions are obviously easy to choose, the steps are simple and do not repeat, and the threshold is low and easy to use.
    • C. The application home page has relevant application function introduction and description, informing users of the application's functional characteristics. (The form can be defined according to the application itself.)
    • D. The application function itself is closely related to Weibo. (For example, log in with a microblog account, share content to microblog, and use microblog user relationships)
    • E. In the process of using the application, there are clear prompts and user guidance for each step of operation
    • F. Do not grab Weibo content and make local backup. It has the function of simultaneous deletion with Weibo

About the second troubleshooting

Routine inspection

    • In order to better maintain the application quality of the enterprise microblog application square, we will check the applications that have passed the review (including copywriting review and entering the enterprise microblog application square) at any time; If the application is not made according to the above specifications, the open platform will take the following measures:

Applications that have been released to the enterprise Weibo application square will be offline from the application square. At the same time, contact the developer to complete the modification of illegal content within 3 working days, and need to resubmit for review;

    • Illegal applications can be reviewed again after a week of observation and test after offline modification;

For applications that fail to complete modification within the required time, the corresponding interface permission will be stopped; For applications with serious violations, the corresponding interface usage rights will be immediately and directly stopped, and we reserve the right to appeal to relevant laws. For applications that can bind multiple user accounts, if a user is found in the application and uses his or her multiple accounts to conduct malicious and illegal operations, the interface permission of the application will be immediately stopped, and the developer will be contacted to complete the modification of the illegal content within 3 working days, and the application needs to be resubmitted for review.

    • Note: In the process of secondary troubleshooting, the application functions and operations in each step should be consistent with the application screenshots submitted previously; In case of any modification, the microblog open platform shall be notified in advance and resubmitted for review.

User report

    • Third party applications with ordinary permissions: after investigation, evidence collection and verification, it is determined that the application really belongs to evil applications, and the plaza and the copybook will be rejected immediately, and the developer will be notified to modify it within 48 hours; Applications that commit extremely serious crimes will immediately stop using the interface.
    • Partner permission application: after investigation, evidence collection and verification, it is determined that the application is really a malicious application, and the permission will be immediately reduced to ordinary, and the Plaza and the copywriter will reject it, and notify the developer to modify it within 48 hours; Applications that commit extremely serious crimes will immediately stop using the interface.

Note: The above processing results will be publicized on the official account, forum and official WeChat group of the open platform.

Ranking rules of enterprise microblog application square

behavior weight
Use SAE platform +30
Apply all inner links +10
Complaints related to invoices -2
Server down -10
The application has serious bugs and has not been corrected immediately -10
Unable to immediately respond to customer complaints -1
After the application went online, the application function was modified significantly without authorization, resulting in the inconsistency between the application name, description, screenshot and the function -3
Disallowed advertising content appears in the app -1
Sina related trademarks and logos are used in the application -1
Background application external chain -1
In app payment under non Sina system -3
Application collects user privacy maliciously -10
The application reserves API data in the local database privately -10
The app is reported for plagiarism and confirmed -3
The application internal url specification does not conform to the standard -1
Application UI does not conform to -3
Slow application loading speed -3

Audit process and time

Review process


Declaration to be reviewed

    • After the application for application development declaration scheme is submitted, you can - but we do not recommend - continue to develop your application.

Declared and approved

    • After the application is approved, we recommend that you develop your application within 18 months and submit it to us for review and testing. After 18 months, if you still submit your application for review, your application will be returned to the status of declaration pending review.

Rejection of declaration review

    • The application review is rejected, and the application scheme is cancelled. If necessary, please re apply the scheme.

Under development

    • After creating an application, your application status is: registered, under development. When your application creation time, API calls, etc. meet certain conditions, you can click "Apply to display the source document permission" to apply for document review.

Copy to be reviewed

    • If the application wants to display the source address in the microblog information sent through the interface, it needs to apply for document review. "From Weibo Open Platform - Enterprise Version Interface" is displayed by default.

Reviewed and approved

    • After the copy is approved, the source information of the microblog information sent through the application will be displayed on the microblog page, and the user will open the link address filled in the application background after clicking. At this time, the application background will display the button "Apply to enter the square (apply for recommendation)".

Square to be reviewed

    • If the application wants to be displayed in the enterprise microblog application square, it needs to apply for entering the square.

Square approved

    • After the square is approved, the application will be displayed in the corresponding category of the enterprise microblog application square. At this time, the application background will display the prompt of "entered the square".

Square review rejected

    • After the square review is rejected, the application cannot be displayed on the enterprise microblog application square page, but the source information will still be displayed in the microblog information sent through the application (provided that the copy passes the review).

AppKey Deactivation

    • After the Appkey is disabled, the application cannot call the interface for operation.

Audit time

    • 1. The scheme declaration and review shall be completed and fed back within 3 working days after the developer submits the declaration scheme
    • 2. Review of copy source: the developer should complete the review and feedback within 1 working day after submitting the application
    • 3. Application square review: the review shall be completed within 2 working days after the developer submits the square for review
    • 4. Secondary review of document source: complete the review within 1 working day after the developer submits the modified application

Apply the official microblog plus V certification process

    • 1. Certification conditions: the application is closely related to Weibo, and has passed the review of copywriting and plaza; More than 30 days in the square; The daily average usage reaches 5000 users;
    • 2. Online application address:
Document update time: December 24, 2014