[Cad To Word] introducing high definition into Word

BetterWMF plug-in features:

  1. Copy and paste directly, the method is simple.
  2. Quick reaction and no carton operation.
  3. Set object color, line width and so on.
  4. The best range of automatic cutting drawings
  5. No need to set up CAD operation interface background color.
  6. After the enlargement of the drawing, the high definition remains.

Usage method

Software download

Download locally

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  1. BigCoke Say:
    Google Chrome Windows 7

    In that GIF, the animation that switches between several screens is very good. What kind of software is it? Huaji:

    1. Dog's Say:
      Google Chrome Windows 7

      An obscure screen software, I know a lot about it.

  2. 2broear Say:
    Google Chrome Android 8.1.0

    The screen is recommended by bandicam shadow play, GIF suggests gifcam can also use Bandi bandicam:.

  3. Iherb Say:
    Google Chrome Windows 8.1

    Yo ho download try

  4. Dog's Say:
    Google Chrome Windows 10

    CAD2014 command bar BUG can not scroll automatically, Download CAD installation patch package, AutoCAD 2014 Service Pack 1, close CAD installation, do not affect the use of cracking. Download links


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