I speak for myself.

Wei About me

(Bioengineering Department) graduated dog / soy sauce / sex male, female / no special skill / house /2.5 dimension

Like: dog (E) / blind /microsoft/ doing things

Reading ing: "silent testimony" by forensic Qin Ming.

Occasional hand Games: --->cube escape--->limbo (customs clearance) - > werewolf kill > - Jedi survival

There are always big guys saying that I do not write well the code of old hydrology. Here I want to declare that I will not program, will not HTML, will not JavaScript, will not CSS, will not PHP, will not be front-end, hydrological I will.

Well, welcome to my blog.

Wei Contact me

QQ Group: Five hundred and eighty-three million fifteen thousand five hundred and forty-five

QQ/E-Mail: 1103649452@qq.com

Address: GuangZhou, China.

Wei About this station

An unlearned pseudo procedure, the ape is built entirely by copying and pasting codes to get rid of Dalao.  Huaji9:

Mlldxe (that is: Lost bear two The station was built in 2018-3-20, and did not plan to write many articles, only to have its own sky. Domain name: Mlldxe.cf (hang up), blog. History of development Toss to death

Environment: Linux/Google Chrome 65.0.3325.181/PHP 5.2/MySQL 5.7

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In addition: Yes! Of course, the author who respects the theme. White white Will VTROIS The original theme KRATOS two development of high school women's clothing Dalao, you can understand a wave.

There is no special explanation. Knowledge sharing signature - sharing the 4 international license agreement in the same way Permit

Wei What can I do?

Provide all kinds of Microsoft products permanent activation service, if necessary, please contact. Huaji13:  

I am good at the installation and unloading of Ai, Fw, Fl, Br, Ae, Pr, Id, PS and so on.

Proficient in spelling of CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C, C++, Java, Ruby, Perl, Lisp, python, Objective-C, and other words.

Familiar with Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, IOS and other system switches.

Wei Salted fish without dreams

Have reached
   A blog of one's own
   Own domain name
   Own server
   A smooth computer
   A high-end pen
   An apple mobile phone
   Learn to swim
   Get your driver's license.
   Step Brothers
   Regular deposit every month
   Keep reading the book.
   Take a look at the sea and swim in the sea.
   Go to a very far place.
   The first archway in Asia
Not reached
Get second certificate
A test without regret
Owning a dog
Using VPS to build blogs
Using VPS to build activation server
Master a skill
You can write what you think you can.
Learn a song
Take a plane
Take a Ferris wheel.
Enter a haunted house
Learn to cook a good dish.
A house with three rooms and two rooms.
Skating once
Take a Ferris wheel.
Back to school
Sharing a car
Hug your grandparents once.
Overcoming procrastination
Develop reading habits
Small landscape potted plants

Wei Feeding
Without special explanation, the fee will be used for renewal and eating of domain names. Huaji14:

Donation record
Emmmm... Poor.

2018/10/8 * Shi Zhou (Alipay) Ten
2020/5/19 * * peak (WeChat) Six point six six

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Sweep code collar red packets - merchant payment code (available for red packet payment)