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In 2013, compared with 2020, the index continued to fluctuate

The bull market in 2014 came after the shock, so we can predict that 2021 will usher in a new bull market!
Surprisingly similar, 7 years a cycle, whether the stock market can usher in the spring as scheduled?
The epidemic is unfortunate for our country, but the resilience shown by the Chinese government and people will usher in new opportunities in the next 10 years!
Judging that 2020 is the beginning of a bull market, there are the following aspects:
1. 2020 will be the decisive year to get rid of poverty in an all-round way, Poverty alleviation It will certainly succeed, and the main policy for China to get rid of poverty in an all-round way is to strengthen infrastructure construction. Therefore, this year's infrastructure related industries will not be poor and their performance will be guaranteed. After all, it is related to the employment of the majority of migrant workers.
two Reduce taxes and fees It's really starting to come true.
three Social security fund entering the market It has become a foregone conclusion. Over the past few years, the value investment orientation has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The mixed son listed companies are becoming less and less popular (because one buys a pit). The social security increases by 5% every year ageing of population It is becoming more and more serious. It will be more and more difficult for young people to pay social security to bear the increase. Therefore, social security must make money. Referring to the long bull of American stock market, if you want to become a long bull, you must pull it up. White horse and blue chip are getting better and better. Only in this way can social security develop healthily.

History is always surprisingly similar, how to more accurately locate the starting point of the bull market? Welcome to exchange messages!
(doctor chen)
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Life is like a dream, a bottle also sprinkle Jiang Yue


The beauty of Oriental women is the tenderness of bow

Childhood: children rush after yellow butterfly, flying into cauliflower nowhere to find

Shaoshi: the thread in the hands of a loving mother and a coat on the body of a wanderer

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Sharing the core technology of computer speed up

The phenomenon of "computer speed gradually slowing down" is common, and the main reasons are as follows:

1. The slow startup speed is mainly due to too many unnecessary startup items and complicated desktop files;

2. Unnecessary or repetitive operation of memory software (such as dual antivirus system);

3. Since disk C is the main system startup disk, there are too many non system files and too many software installed in the later stage, which takes up its space and slows down the computer running speed;

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empty dreams


Dark land

Calm Wujiang River, cold river bottom

The lost soul of Pakistan

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