Reagents for Analysis




pHcontrol is essential in most laboratories to calibrate pH-meters and must be of consistent quality。Kanto Kagaku manufactures pH1 to pH10 which is accredited by Japan Calibration Service System(JCSS)and Mutual Recognition Arrangement(MRA)which enable them to maintain the compatibility of the continuous international standard through stringent mutual evaluation。 详细信息



These are the series of reagents designed for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy(AAS)having suitable specifications for sample pretreatment,interfering inhibitors and preparation for calibration standard solution。



Reference materials for preparation of volumetric solution。 


Volumetric Solution for Titration

The Solutions for titration Kangaku Produces is ISO/IEC17025 compliance,which is an international standard stipulating general requirement for testing institutions for accreditation authority who accredit a certain test or calibration



Kanto Kagaku offer a wide range of high quality indicator used mostly for titration which is indicated by a colorchange of the indicator。目录,目录







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