High Purity Acids/Alkalis

We are very proud of being the first company worldwide that developed and launched high-purity chemicals for the semiconductor manufacturing process in1964。Presently,our ultra pure chemicals are being highly valued in the world market of FPD etc.as well as semiconductors。


We have prepared the PDF files of the catalogue of products。


If you want detailed information,please download those。


>Acetic Acid
>Hydrochloric Acid
>Hydrofluoric Acid
>Nitric Acid
>Phosphoric Acid
> Sulfuric Acid
> Ammonia Water
>Hydrogen Peroxide
>Ammonium Fluoride aq。solution
>Citric Acid aq。solution
>Tartaric Acid aq。solution
>Perchloric Acid

>Sodium Hydroxide aq。solution(NaOH)
>Potassium Hydroxide aq。solution(KOH)
>High Purity Potassium Hydroxide aq.-solution(KOHLM,KOHULM)
>TMAH-22(Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide aq.solution)
>TMAH-25(Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide aq.solution)
>50%Cerium(IV)Diammonium Nitrate aq。solution




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