Some time ago, about a week ago, I wanted to speed up RDP for my win chicken, and then began to think about various solutions (including but not limited to science, various remote desktop software, transit, etc.). Go to the LOC to learn about it, found that the transfer of RDP is a mainstream solution, and then began a bold attempt (a variety of pit).
The machine is from Holland. In the past, the average Ping of my network here was about 300, so I couldn't use it at all (I had to respond for half a day to move a mouse, and the experience was extremely bad. I just used 4-core amd out of 2-core buffalo).
I don't say much about jumping into a pit and using the cock to transfer. When I thought of transferring, I had to use other people's services to make it stable and lasting. Then I used diaoji's SCP. I remember that at the beginning, I used the Hong Kong BGP line, which was not connected to my computer, the Guangzhou mobile line or the Shanghai Unicom or Hunan Unicom. Anyway, I tried the cheaper ones, Not even the last one. Then I came to the conclusion that the general manager of chicken can't transfer to RDP. Of course, this conclusion is wrong. One time I mentioned this question when I was in the water group, and the chicken always answered positively that I could switch to RDP. Then I tried again. Finally, I successfully connected the third line of Zhenjiang in and out of China Unicom, ping190 or so. At least it can be used.
After the transfer failed, I tried to build a transfer with chickens. The first consideration is that HK is lightweight, but it has been tossed for several times without success. After using one key scripts (iptables utils, nftables NAT rust), the local can't connect to RDP through it. This is the second hole, which is very confusing. Then I used 4837, 9929, GIA lines for transit speed measurement. They can use iptables utils, and I don't care about the other. Then the effect is still not obvious, the delay is still around 190, but I feel that the mouse is really a lot to follow. After a long time of connection, I found that the stability of 9929 is better. Then I began to look for my favorite chicken. At this time, I knew nothing about the problem that the lightweight cloud couldn't connect. Later, I compared the 9929 of the United States and Germany and found that the delay in Germany was more suitable, so I bought it to transfer to win in Holland.
It's only today that I've finally figured out what that lightweight cloud is like. ifconfig The test found that the IP V4 in the network card is an intranet IP. If the script is used directly, the intranet IP will be used as the relay IP by default. This is a huge hole. Now let's start. Thanks to a little brother who can help me. Small a in a transit group for help, said that he wanted to use DIDU light to transit the U.S. IP, but failed, do not know where the problem. At that time, I thought that I should fill in the wrong port number and input the wrong password. Then I started to discuss with him. As a result, boy, I fell into a big hole.
It's magic to say, but it's funny to think about it. According to the process, I confirmed the basic information to him to see if he had made any low-level mistakes. Later, I found that his operation steps were OK. A has a U.S. IP address (IP1 for short), a supporting port (P1 for short), and a user name and password. Then, the domestic lightweight cloud (its IP is called IP2) builds a transit port and sets up a transit port (P2). This part is over. This process is no problem, I have confirmed it. But IP2 and P2 do not work. My first reaction was, yes, it was. Then he tried several other ports in succession, but all of them indicated that the connection failed. Pingip1 and 2 are OK. This is not normal. It should not be a problem. Then I thought of the second possibility. The firewall set by a did not open, but in fact it did. Without opening all TCP and UDP, it also added the ports to be used again. We also tried many times and thought that there was a problem with conscience. The second one is also excluded. Then I thought about the problem of firewall in the system, and then started Baidu solution. Later, I found that the firewall of the Ubuntu system was not opened, which was uncomfortable. This is suitable for the password that I have already got to the chicken, so I can start to use it directly. At that time, I thought, since there was a problem with his transit software, would it be different if I used iptables utils, which was not bad, and then I started an operation. As a result, I still used Ping PE port can not test, this fourth method is also not good. Then I thought about whether the delay was too large. After pinging on the chicken, I found that although the delay was high, it was not lost. Finally, there was no way out. I started to compare it with a chicken that had successfully transferred to iptables utils. A comparison found that the transfer of chicken IP problems ah, how it is an intranet IP. Later, I started the magic operation. I ran to the conscience cloud customer service and asked if I could change the intranet IP displayed by the network card IP to the public IP. I asked in a variety of ways. The customer service rejected me in an orderly manner. I had to say that there was something about the customer service. I found the introduction of internal IP and external IP and sent it to me, including PChome and conscience cloud official website. After I found the manual IP card, I could not solve the problem. Then, after the restart, it was disconnected. Fortunately, I did the image in advance, and the image was successfully rolled back. It was a little fun. Finally, I realized that something was wrong. Maybe it was the script incompatibility. Later, it was proved that this was true. Manual iptables and socat were successfully transferred. It's a joke.