Cocos creator extracts default text content

Published on June 24, 2020

The "string" or "string" can be extracted. The general idea is to go through the prefab folder, read the regular matching Chinese line by line, and then output the text list directly to the code, python writing 123456789101121314151617181920212223242526272829330333435363738394041424344454647 #! / usr / bin / env python3 # - * - Coding: UTF-8 - * - # find the line of containing Chinese in files import

Cocos creator multilingual solution

Published on June 24, 2020

After the update of version 2.3, the official I18N is no longer good, and it is very easy to handle by yourself. Use the onload callback of cc.label to call back 123 CC. Label. Prototype ['onload '] = function() {this. String = langjs. Lang [this_ string] === undefined ? this._ string : langJs.Lang[this._ string];   } …

Among all the female masters of animation, Hui is the closest to reality, but it does not exist in reality

Published on June 9, 2020

I was captured by Kato hye

Published on June 4, 2020

I got the qualification of Tencent cloud game experience. I started FIFA in 10 seconds. I was shocked

Published on June 3, 2020

#American riot ා feel like apple auditors are demonstrating

Published on June 2, 2020

Station resurrect maintenance A lot of pictures are lost and can't be found, orz

Published on June 1, 2020

WordPress was unable to create the directory WP content / uploads / xxx / XX. Do you have permission to write to the superior directory? How to modify the user group

Published on December 19, 2019

It may be caused by SELinux. For example, the host of virmach starts SELinux by default and enters getenforce. If forcing is displayed, SELinux is likely to be the culprit. Temporary shutdown: setenforce 0 permanent shutdown:[ [email protected] ~]#VIM / etc / sysconfig / SELinux = forcing is changed to SELinux = disabled restart service reboot. Similarly, the 403 of nginx may also be caused by SELinux