"Five core system guarantees" of Henglian International


Teaching and learning

One on one coaching

Assessment graduation

Free study within two years

Teaching by famous teachers

Full time teaching

Freedom of time

Meet all vocational study time

Learning practice

There are internship arrangements during the study period

Students work while learning

Exercise yourself and accumulate experience

hire purchase

Paying tuition easily

No invisible consumption

High wage employment

Under the banner of eternal love culture

Industry recruitment platform

Lifelong free employment recommendation

Eternal love international · Course Introduction

Eternal love international · classification of works

Eternal love international · famous teacher team

Elva, founder of eternal love
Chief makeup instructor Alisa
Principal makeup instructor - sunny
Chief makeup instructor - Hamer
Emma, chief makeup instructor
Chief makeup instructor Andy

Eternal love for international students

Eternal love for International Campus Culture

Eternal love International Campus Environment

Eternal love international · cooperative brand

  • China Security
  • Sichuan satellite TV
  • Zhejiang TV station
  • Anhui Satellite TV
  • Dragon TV
  • Dior
  • Hunan Satellite TV
  • The Voice of China
  • Liaoning satellite TV

  • Fashion tourism

  • Ruili fashion pioneer

  • Jiaren

  • riverine

  • Jilin TV

  • Auspicious Hyatt

  • Han Diyuan

  • CCTV

  • Heilongjiang Television Station