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10:30-17:00 in winter

American Eastern time: 03:47:02 on the 13th
Unit: USD
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eleven thousand and twelve point two four
+229.42 +2.13%
Aug 12 5:15 PM EDT
  • Today: ten thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight point one two
  • Highest price: eleven thousand and thirty-six point seven two
  • 52 week high price: eleven thousand one hundred and twenty-six point zero four
  • Trading volume: 3 billion 400 million 150 thousand
  • Yesterday: ten thousand seven hundred and eighty-two point eight two
  • minimum price: ten thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven point one six
  • 52 week low price: six thousand six hundred and thirty-one point four two
  • Market value: --
  • Trading volume: 3 billion 400 million 150 thousand
  • P / E ratio: --
  • Earnings per share: --
  • Dividend per share: --
  • Total equity: Million
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