Million praise! Tsung Ma big bag draws paper, affordable package, 30 bags.
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Up to date: 09-16 16:05. Cumulative sales volume: Thirty-six point seven Ten thousand pieces
Exclusive offers: 3 yuan certificate
Commodity labels: Gold sellers Free shipping
Renminbi Twenty-six point nine nine Renminbi Twenty-nine point nine nine
Recommendation reason
[Shun Feng Bao] the monthly sales of 300 thousand + high quality paper, refused to flicker, refused to routines, super packages, 30 boxes of packages, 300 packets per pack, only about 9 gross / bag, millions of praise, wet water is not easy to break, super cost-effective, I have started a box! Duck rush!

This product is in a time limited activity. The original Taobao price is 29.99 yuan, and the existing 3 yuan coupons, only 26.99 yuan, only absolute value.

Store information

Smart mother's living room

  • Baby description

    Four point eight high
  • Seller service

    Four point eight high
  • Logistics service

    Four point eight high
Commodity details
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