[second yuan 0.1 yuan] longan medlar red date tea
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Renminbi Nine point nine Renminbi Twelve point nine
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[2 bags of 60 packets] longan red jujube five treasures tea, select jujube, longan, Lycium barbarum, Luo Shen Hua and other ingredients, the soup is clear and bright, full of energy, women often drink, beauty and beauty, skin is white and red, and spirit is 100%, every day a cup, enjoy the youthful good complexion, make your skin more delicate. Seven days without reason to exchange.

This product is in a time limited activity. The original Tmall price is 12.9 yuan, and the existing 3 yuan coupons, only 9.9 yuan, only absolute value.

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Feng's flagship store

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    Four point nine high
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    Four point eight high
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    Four point eight high
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