[lip giving glaze] Shanghai women's old brand Chinese Cream 3 boxes
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Up to date: 08-23 16:01. Cumulative sales volume: Seven thousand two hundred and eleven piece
Exclusive offers: 3 yuan certificate
Commodity labels: Tmall Free shipping Freight insurance
Renminbi Thirty-five Renminbi Thirty-eight
Recommendation reason
[classic gift box, buy lip gloss ~] this is a cream that can mask the mask. It is widely accepted by the public. It is not afraid of drying. The paste is not greasy, and the fragrance is elegant and pleasant. The packaging box recalls the old Shanghai years like wind, and every household, men, women, old and young can use it. [carriage insurance]

This product is in a time limited activity. The original Tmall price is 38 yuan, and the existing 3 yuan coupons, only 35 yuan, only absolute value.

Store information

Shanghai cosmetics flagship store

  • Baby description

    Four point eight flat
  • Seller service

    Four point eight flat
  • Logistics service

    Four point eight flat
Commodity details
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