[buy one get one] Red Baby Elephant Baby multi effect Cream 2 bottles
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Up to date: 08-23 16:00. Cumulative sales volume: One point two Ten thousand pieces
Exclusive offers: 20 yuan certificate
Commodity labels: Tmall Free shipping Freight insurance
Renminbi Thirty-nine Renminbi Fifty-nine
Recommendation reason
Buy one, send one, share the same price 59 yuan a bottle! Jimmy Lin and Zhao Wei speak for themselves. Eight no add, mother's love, multi effect protection, away from "red apple"!!! Tighten up hoarding goods

This product is in a time limited activity. The original Tmall price is 59 yuan, and the existing 20 yuan coupons, only 39 yuan, only absolute value.

Store information

Red elephant flagship store

  • Baby description

    Four point nine high
  • Seller service

    Four point eight high
  • Logistics service

    Four point eight high
Commodity details
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