[history is extremely low] bamboo and silk are 36 bags of paper.
In the past 24 hours, People have robbed Rankings for rankings No.
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Up to date: 07-20 17:28. Cumulative sales volume: Thirty-three point two Ten thousand pieces
Exclusive offers: 5 yuan certificate
Commodity labels: Tmall Free shipping Freight insurance
Renminbi Nineteen point eight Renminbi Twenty-four point eight
Recommendation reason
[movie king Zheng Zeshi wall crack recommendation] beat down 5 yuan, you must not miss the paper towel! Silk and bamboo are totally 36 packs, only 19.8! 1 bags less than 6 wool! Food testing in Europe and America can be used not only for mother and baby, but for food grade napkins. [carriage insurance]

This product is in a time limited activity. The original Tmall price is 24.8 yuan, and the existing 5 yuan coupons, only 19.8 yuan, only absolute value.

Store information

Jiayi home daily flagship store

  • Baby description

    Four point eight flat
  • Seller service

    Four point eight low
  • Logistics service

    Four point eight low
Commodity details
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Blue moon paper, toilet paper, household goods, full box.

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Nearly million praise! Cong Ma big bag draw paper, full load, full box.

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Five hundred thousand praise [border point] natural pumping paper 40 packs

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[pure bamboo workshop] pumping 36 boxes of natural color

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Si Jing flagship store] 24 bags of pure raw wood pulp.

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Cai Qi picked up the flagship store.

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4 sheets of *30 wrapped paper for lovers' paper.

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[take two photos] two pieces of 60 pieces of paper are extracted from the natural language.

Post coupon 47.8 yuan

Each packet is about 6 gross, 300 sheets / bags, 30 bags of paper.

Post coupon 20.9 yuan

[Kexi] baby's household wet paper towel 10 packs

Post coupon 19.9 yuan

[Photo 4] Li Bang 4 layers of paper 300 *80 packs

Post coupon 99.6 yuan

[blue bleach] bamboo pulp draws 36 boxes of natural color.

Post coupon 22.9 yuan

[BELLE] original bamboo pulp has 4 layers of paper towels and 10 bags.

Post coupon 6.9 yuan

[blue bleach] bamboo pulp draws 36 boxes of natural color.

Post coupon 22.9 yuan

[Xiao run flagship store] baby soft tissue 40 draw 30 packs

Post coupon 39.9 yuan

A big box of 32 bags! Bamboo leaf three layer drawing paper

Post coupon 19.9 yuan

Plant protection paper! Note 30 or 40 packets.

Post coupon 26.9 yuan

Come on, daddy, take 10 packs of household tissue.

Post coupon 6.9 yuan

A big box of 30 bags! The original color is three layers of paper.

Post coupon 24.8 yuan

[protection flagship store] 27 pieces of paper towels.

Post coupon 26.9 yuan

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