Always like to cross the sword.

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When I was in school, I loved to go all the way. I wanted to go to a closed school and be strict with me. As a result, he wanted to get married, and he didn't have enough money in his family. I went to public school and I couldn't control myself. I didn't finish my junior high school.

Now that I have bought a car, I must be cross cutting. I don't need a license to drive. I have a driver's license. I don't know enough points. I was asked to finish by the traffic police. I like very few things, but I have a strong desire for possessions.

When he treated me like that, I didn't want to talk to him like that.

In fact, he had to pull me to buy a booths. I listened to him. The result made me very tired. Originally two people a booth, now has to give birth to the child, lets my mother help to take care of the child. I am tired of running a booth alone. He never considers other people, everything, his own interests will always be the first. But it always makes people feel that he takes care of everyone. In fact, just the face of my parents, let him take care of it for me.


Actually, I really blame myself for not having the brain.