Transition failure

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The vegetable market was transferred elsewhere, and business was bad.
This vegetable market is also my brother's idea, and now he will not do it for a few days. I want to go to my vegetable market and use a piece of board.
My wife hasn't found it yet, and there's not much money. The life you want has not been pursued. I can't earn money now. Completely disrupted my life.

I don't know whether I am jealous or not. I always feel that my parents are very concerned about my brother. My attention is very low. Never mind my feelings. I just think my brother has great development.

But what I want to say is: no way.

I feel totally messed up.


  1. Life will always be better. Believe in yourself.

    • Five thousand two hundred and fifty-eight Blogger

      Right. Only believe it!

  2. Come on, just give up!

    • Five thousand two hundred and fifty-eight Blogger

      Encourage each other