The stock market adjusts fof to become a new favorite of private placement

Every time a reporter Yang Jian's A-share encountered "blackmail" in 2016, it erased the rebound results of the previous four months in just two weeks, which not only made some private placements encounter the liquidation crisis again, but also made the stock strategy of some third-party institutions

01:00, January 20

Best private equity earns 14 times a year, previous champions return to top 10

With the gradual updating of the net value of products, the annual ranking war of sunshine private placement industry is also near the end. In 2015, bull market, bear market and concussion market took turns. In the bear market, whether the success of the bull market can stop losses in time

20:51, January 19

Bid farewell to the growth stage of rashness, private placement industry will still be difficult to obtain

Although the private equity industry has bid farewell to the stage of rash growth, the phenomenon of "talent shortage" is still relatively common. Recently, the Securities Times reporter learned from the 2016 first private placement industry talent exchange meeting that this

09:03, January 19

New thinking of private fund in the era of big asset management

Abstract: "under the background of deregulation and business innovation, the pattern of China's asset management industry has undergone fundamental changes, entering the era of" big asset management "of competition, innovation and mixed operation "The private fund industry will also change the past single dependence on issuance

09 / 08 / 16:27

Negative returns of all non monetary funds in August?

[review in August] the market experienced ups and downs in August. In the first two weeks, the index level rose by about 9%, while in the latter two weeks, the index showed a cumulative decline of nearly 20%. After a huge shock, the final Shanghai index

09 / 08 / 16:23

Research and analysis of private placement: Wang Yawei's four steps to boost the stock market

The agency's "preference" report autumn rain injury, farewell August, may be in the "gold nine silver ten" vent. No matter whether the market is coming or not, it is always a good attitude. If we look at it as a historical sample, this round of market's huge turnover "

09 / 08 / 16:21

Dividend yield increased significantly, some private equity research market may bottom out

Although the overall decline of the two markets narrowed yesterday, there are still nearly 300 stocks closing with the limit, and the market is still pessimistic. After a number of senior reporters interviewed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange, a large number of people in the early stage of the stock market said that after a large number of private placement interviews, the Shanghai Stock Exchange had a large number of interviews

09 / 08 / 16:19

Quantitative hedging into "anti falling artifact"

It is worth noting that in the previous round of adjustment, most of the innovative strategy private placement products including quantitative hedge funds have achieved good returns. According to statistics, from June 15 to July 3, just 15 trading days, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 27. 16

16:43, August 04

Long term growth of private equity in emerging markets

Cai Ming, chairman of minsen Investment: the long-term positive trend of a shares remains unchanged. We are optimistic about the A-share market for a long time. This is because the basis supporting the long-term development of the A-share market has not changed. First of all, the society's risk-free rate of return, capital interest rate downward trend and

08 / 04 / 16:39

Heju investment Li zegang: crisis is not over, defense is the key to victory

Li zegang and general manager of Ju investment, master of management, Fudan University. With 15 years of fund experience, he was once the fund manager of TEDA Heyin. In 2009, he founded Heju investment and won the second, fourth, fifth and sixth golden bull private equity management company

16:18, August 04

Private investment confidence needs to be warmed up, or the market is about to restart

Institutional survey data show that, at present, private fund managers' confidence in the future market has declined significantly, and pessimism has increased, and many private placement positions have dropped to a lower level. However, there are also well-known private placement that the current private placement and most investors positions have been reduced

16:15, August 04

In June stock market disaster, which private placement is better

In the past week, China's stock market has experienced a stock disaster that can be called "once in seven years". After the "Black Dragon Boat Festival", a shares suffered another "Black Friday". The Shanghai index fell 7.40% and the gem fell 8.91%. Even in

15:28, July 06

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