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Different from general PE products, the fund will distribute all operating income to investors every year [detailed]

Xu Jianping, the fund manager, has been the investment manager of Nanfang Hechuan for 18 years, with outstanding performance [detailed]

One of the largest hedge funds focusing on U.S. financial policy, with huge investment space > > > [detailed]

It increased by 155% in two years. In recent one year, the revenue is 82%, ranking in the top 7% of the industry [detailed]

Leading CTA: the best trend tracking strategy, stable profit for 20 years > > China [detailed]

Luo min, investment manager, has 16 years of investment research experience. He has served as chief investment officer of Xingshi investment [detailed]

The main investment banks, securities companies, mergers and acquisitions and other rare fixed increase projects > > [detailed]

The largest private placement of futures in the world, investing in more than 30 futures varieties with good liquidity > > [detailed]

Glory of Kings
Appointment consultation
Wang Penghui Chairman of wangzheng capital
Hope |   Management of annual income during public offering period
Bull income + long term |   70.41%

Strong stock selection ability, flexible investment strategy, growth, value and traditional cycle stocks are covered

Ten billion fund helmsman
Appointment consultation
Deng Xiaofeng Chief investment officer, Gaoyi asset
Xiao ≡ gold is being purchased |   Managing social security for 9 years
Double 10 billion fund, bull and bear stand firm |   10 times

Fund managers, who make the most money for the holders, are good at grasping the fundamentals of enterprises and model of value investment

Investment omnipotent King
Appointment consultation
Feng Gang Chairman of Yu Xiu capital
The application for Yu ≡ is in the process of application |   Monthly income of initial product
Value based, Multi Strategy |   18.29%

Due to outstanding performance, two times triggered a rush to buy, is now limited to open 50 quota hot rush purchase!

Godfather of value investment
Appointment consultation
Wang Weidong Chairman of Xinhua Huijia
Hui No |   Accumulated increase of funds in charge
Top three in the industry, outstanding achievements! |   136.10%

Wang Weidong, the soul of the former Xinhua fund, once launched a "two Wangs competition" with Wang Yawei, his first brother

Return time
Fund type
  • Suitable for people
  • Large amount of capital, investment threshold of 1 million
  • Product advantages
  • Excellent performance, excelling other financial products
  • Excellent private placement can make you both a bull and a bear
  • Capital security
  • Fund trusteeship: the third party bank
  • Management team
  • It brings together a lot of star fund managers
  • It has experienced many practical tests of bull bear conversion
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