Financial headlines
"Overseas Chinese debt" lost nearly 2 billion in three years
Investment times Real controller; Zhejiang property insurance; property insurance
Italy's debt crisis makes gold price fall out of favor "safe investment"
21st century economic report Gold; Italy; hedge fund; portfolio; bond yield; gold price
In the second half of 2019, there are these qualification examinations! It's about your promotion and raise
Workers' daily Vocational qualification examination; examination; online registration; objective questions; Ministry of justice
Sun Guofeng: China's monetary policy tools are effective, and there is enough room to cope with internal and external challenges
First finance and Economics Monetary policy; sun Guofeng; deposit reserve ratio; supply side reform; small and micro enterprises; real economy
Zhao quanhou: guarantee a certain speed of high quality economic growth
China net finance and Economics Zhao quanhou; monetary policy; SME financing; finance; Internet finance; financing
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Balance management


Current of savings tank

ICBC cash currency, 000677

7-day annualized income --

Income (10000 yuan) --


Southern cash profit increasing currency a

Code: 202301

7-day earnings --

Income of 10000 shares (yuan) --


I'm looking for it

  • fund
  • trust
  • Bank financing

Fund selection


Yinhua small cap (180031)

Invest in medium and small cap stocks with high growth.


Income in recent year 37.82%

Xingquan light assets (163412)

Fund managers are good at industry rotation.


Fourth quarter earnings last year 11.87%

High end investment


Zhenge fund

Follow up shot Xu Xiaoping

There are feelings and strength, not to look at the market, only to see people

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New equation value investment

do Shareholders of Warren Buffet

Witness how to maintain the annual growth rate of more than 20% in 51 years

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Sunshine private placement income ranking




Family property insurance

intended for 1-65 years old

Housing: 200000-3000000

House decoration: RMB 20000-500000


Yongcheng insurance online vehicle insurance

7 × 24 hours

Online and offline payment methods

7x24 hour road rescue


Bank financing

Product name bank Expected return Starting amount
-- -- -- --

Financial account