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Short debt fund returns advantage advantage to be tested

After great changes in investment and financial management, various financial institutions have released new means to fight for new financial markets, and public funds are no exception.

"The day of the deadline" is not far away. The guarantee fund is floating in 15.

Reporter Guo Luqing [the first guaranteed fund in the name of "two guarantees" is the Yinhua capital preservation fund established in 2004. Recently, under the release of credit default risk, the stock is 10

Is the value of 6 Unicorn funds approved for individual investors?

With the gradual landing of CDR (China depositary receipts) policy, the channel for ordinary investors to participate in "unicorn" CDR investment is also being opened up. In June 6th, the SFC's official website disclosed that it had approved the South and Yi.

Unicorn fund is ready for individual investors to buy first.

At the time when the A share market of unicorn was speeding up, the public fund, as an important investment role, also pioneered the way for ordinary investors to participate in this investment feast. Beijing Business Daily reporter from the fund

New products bring new opportunities, pension targets and FOF fund managers are popular.

The emergence of new products by Lu Huijing, a Securities Times reporter, will bring new opportunities for the development of the industry. The fund of public offering fund (FOF) has been transferred from a preparatory stage to a formal stage.

US dollar strong fund managers recommend us technology stocks and US dollar debt

China fund newspaper reporter Li Husheng since April this year, the rise of the US dollar index has been quite rapid, triggering the adjustment of the whole emerging market, and the MSCI emerging market index has dropped continuously, the latest closing point.

Small and medium sized fund force layout index product segmentation field or breakthrough point

Fund company layout MSCI fund situation (linked fund separate statistics) at the end of the first quarter of 2018, 497 index funds in the whole market (not counting linked funds) scale up to 4824.

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