Bid farewell to the growth stage of rashness, private placement industry will still be difficult to obtain

Although the private equity industry has bid farewell to the stage of rash growth, the phenomenon of "talent shortage" is still relatively common.

Recently, the reporter of Securities Times learned from the first private placement industry talent exchange meeting in 2016 that the total number of jobs provided by the exchange meeting was 79, among which, the demand for Researcher positions was the largest, with a total of 26; the number of administrative recruitment personnel such as legal manager, legal assistant and administrative commissioner was only second, reaching 17; the demand for technical and risk control posts was less. A total of 153 resumes were received, of which 63 were applied as investment managers and 46 as researchers. According to the statistics of the demand of this talent exchange meeting, there are a wide range of talent types, and there is a shortage of middle and high-end talents in the private placement industry.

Yang Zhi, editor in chief of capital network, said that it is difficult to recruit people in the private equity industry, and the phenomenon of small and medium-sized private placement is more serious. At present, there are 25005 private fund managers with a paid in scale of 4.05 trillion yuan and nearly 380000 employees. But 1.87% of private equity managed 50% of the market capital. In the next two years, the overall growth rate of private placement industry may slow down, and the stock market will be redistributed. There is an obvious trend of fund transfer to public funds managed by private placement and private institutions above designated size.

Compared with public offering, securities companies and other institutions, most private recruitment will be at a disadvantage.

As of the end of December 2015, the number of private fund management associations has been registered. 24054 private funds have been registered, with a subscription scale of 5.07 trillion yuan and a paid in scale of 4.05 trillion yuan. Among them, 46.9 billion are privately managed.

Guangdongbin, deputy general manager of Kaifeng investment, said in an interview that public offering and securities companies are large in scale and relatively stable, and they are in a leading position in the asset management industry. Although private placement is just emerging industry, it is very eager for talents.

Not long ago, Kaifeng investment extended an olive branch to a doctor who returned from a Wall Street investment bank, but the turtle finally chose public offering. From the perspective of personal career development, public offering platform is larger, private platform is limited after all, and the scope of investment is relatively limited. It is also a good way for sea turtles to choose public offering first and then private placement. In public offering, we can not only cultivate ourselves to the domestic market financial market We also have a better understanding of the private equity industry. After understanding, we can select the platform suitable for ourselves. The overall income level of private placement is higher than that of public offering, but it depends on the performance of the company. The final income is linked to the company's performance. The choice of private placement or public offering mainly depends on the evaluation of talents themselves.

Yan te, deputy director of elite times wealth management center, believes that the rapid development of private equity industry was after the filing in 2014. But different companies have different development stages and different demands for talents. Elite era is willing to spend time to cultivate the team and give full incentives to stimulate the creativity and potential of employees. This group of talents with higher quality will have a deep understanding of the company's philosophy, and will be of great help to the development of the company in the long run. They are the most valuable wealth of the company.

Another topic of private placement is that it is difficult to recruit talents in private placement industry. Huang can, chief investment officer of shengguanda assets, said that the development of quantitative investment in China is relatively late, and the demand for talents is related to the development stage of the industry and the company. At present, quantitative investment recruitment requires higher basic requirements, and people with distinct specialties are more likely to be recruited, such as those who are proficient in computers or mathematics and have a solid theoretical foundation.

Huang can believes that the mobility of talents in the private placement industry is relatively large, which is related to the industry's initial stage of development. The industry is in the primary stage. On the one hand, new enterprises are constantly joining in. If these enterprises want to carry out business, they have to dig people, and the flow of talents will become higher. On the other hand, it is also related to the enterprise mechanism. At present, almost no domestic company engaged in quantitative investment has a good incentive system or a good career development channel. Shengguanda assets have also been constantly reflecting and improving recently.

The reporter interviewed some job seekers on the spot. They generally valued the correlation between the position and their study and work experience, salary level, career development situation and enterprise development prospect.

At the scene of the talent exchange meeting, the reporter also saw a job seeker who came to apply with a suitcase. This job seeker just came to Shenzhen from Shandong the night before. His job hunting intention is more investment or research. The future ideal of this graduate student is to become a fund manager. (reporter Chen Dongsheng)

(Securities Times)

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