Private placement: long term firm and short term position ready to withdraw at any time

Rebound for three months, a week all down. I believe that many of my friends were still smug about the surplus in the stock account more than a week ago, and were ready to reward themselves with new year's gifts. After several sudden "avalanches", they had fallen to the point of bleeding and crying without tears. Stop when you're good? Cutting meat? Or bite teeth, hang on and wait for rebound? It’s a question.

In fact, don't be too sad. There are many private equity companies that accompany you to be stabbed. Among them, there are many private equity tycoons. According to the survey, at the end of December last year, the average position of private placement was 60%, and more than 80% of private placement products were close to 60%. It is understood that although some value style of private placement also suffered heavy losses last week, but adhere to the long-term investment did not reduce the position. And the reduction of speculative positions is more obvious today equity market Although there is a rebound, the position is also more cautious.

Statistics show that China Resources trust is selected to hedge in China Fund index The average stock position of 163 open-ended securities investment private placement products in December increased by 4.32 percentage points to 60.68% compared with the end of November. 57.05% of the products with a position of more than 80% accounted for 57.05%, and 86.54% of private placement maintained the stock position at more than 40%, lying on the cutting board magnificently~

 Short term position: ready to withdraw

From the concrete money flow In December, private placement increased its holdings in comprehensive, information services, chemical industry, machinery and equipment real estate They reduced their holdings of public utilities, textile and clothing, and so on finance Services, commercial trade, information equipment, etc. The most beloved Medical Biology It basically maintained the level of last month. By the end of December, these private placements Fund position The top five industries are pharmaceutical biology, information services, mechanical equipment, public utilities and chemical industry.

However, from the point of view of the increase, the strength of last month's position increase is weaker than before, and the increase range of private placement in the fourth quarter decreases month by month. Data show that the average position of 163 private equity products in September was 38.66%, falling to the lowest level in nearly a whole year. The market reversed in October, and private placement increased rapidly to 48.47%, and continued to increase to 56.36% in November. Although it also maintained an increase to 60.68 in December, it was smaller than before, which was more consistent with the stock market's weakness in late December.

 Private placement: long term firm and short term position ready to withdraw at any time

"After the stock market crash, private placement is mostly cautious. After the rebound in the fourth quarter, with the recovery of market confidence, private placement positions were gradually added. According to the market situation in previous years, everyone is still looking forward to receiving new year's red envelopes. " A contact with private placement institutions said.

But after encountering the sudden attack callback, compared with a lot of flustered small scattered, the bottom of private placement also appears to be more bottomless. A large-scale private placement with partial value style in Beijing has always been optimistic about the future market, and its position is also heavy recently. Although the market slump still did not reduce the position, at present, it mainly held pharmaceutical stocks and liquor stocks, consumption And environmental protection. "

Hangzhou a private investment director disclosed that in December, as the market turned weak, the position gradually dropped to 45%. On the long position, only a little short. However, the market will rebound with speculation. "The position of long-term stocks will remain unchanged for some time to come. It is expected that this rebound will only last for two or three days, and speculative positions are ready to withdraw at any time. " He said.

(China fund daily)

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