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  • Simultaneous interpreter assistant
  1. Take photos and translate, and show the results in seconds

    It supports 20 languages, one shot,
    The translation results will be displayed in real time

  2. Dialogue translation, imaginative communication

    Experience simultaneous voice translation, that is, speaking and translating,
    Make communication more convenient and fast

  3. Authoritative dictionary, massive collection

    21 million authoritative dictionary data,
    Massive network definitions, Baidu Encyclopedia and other results

  4. Oral evaluation, authentic pronunciation

    Professional pronunciation evaluation, intelligent scoring,
    Create standard English pronunciation

  5. Practical spoken English is a must for going abroad

    Common scenes of overseas travel, full coverage of food, accommodation, travel and shopping,
    Can talk without knowing foreign languages

  6. Daily selection, high-quality information

    Daily selected bilingual reading, exclusive high-quality translation,
    Push what you think and recommend what you love