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Advertising advantages

The golden position of the first screen helps enterprises build brand image and customers form brand awareness

  • Super large first screen

    First place in Baidu search results, with super large gold first screen display of promotional information

  • Brand image building

    Help advertisers achieve brand differentiation and quickly improve brand credibility

  • Authoritative endorsement of brand

    Satisfy users' high-frequency needs, and carry out authoritative endorsement through encyclopedia and brand story strengthening

Advertising presentation form

Display brand information to netizens in the form of text, pictures, videos and other forms of advertising

Promotion case

Through Baidu marketing brand advertising, efficient promotion is carried out to reach precise target customers

Baidu × China UnionPay: 62 UnionPay, AI precision Marketing enables "revitalizing the engine"

Baidu has enabled 62 UnionPay sessions through AI big data. In Baidu Map Insight, Baidu Openscreen With the support of Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia, brand zone and other Baidu star products, increase the public's interest in China The brand popularity of UnionPay improves the competitiveness of China UnionPay in the field of mobile payment.

  • + five hundred %

    baidu index

  • eight hundred 10000 yuan+

    Reach accurate users

  • + one thousand two hundred and ninety-two %

    Download installation retrieval volume

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