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Search ads

When customers actively search for keywords, they can immediately see your products and services and actively seek cooperation.

Search promotion is based on the Chinese search engine Baidu Search, which gives priority to display your promotion information in the prominent position of the search results. You need to pay only after the customer clicks the advertisement.

Information flow advertisement

Your promotion information is naturally integrated into all kinds of information, which is easy to spread and operate.

Information flow promotion is a native advertisement interspersed in the information flow of Baidu APP, Baidu homepage, post bar, Baidu mobile browser and other platforms. Advertising is content.

Brand advertising

Strongly build your enterprise's professional brand image, enhance consumer trust, and help network customers.

Baidu Brand Zone, located at the top of Baidu's search results, promotes and displays enterprise brand information in an all-round way in the form of text, pictures, videos and other forms of advertising, and improves the effectiveness of enterprise brand promotion.

Open screen advertisement

Integrate high-quality brand advertising flow, and expose strong brands in the form of open screen advertising.

Build a Baidu series product matrix, integrate Baidu's high-quality advertising resources and traffic, and expose strong brands in the style of APP opening advertisements.

Gather screen advertisement

Programmed digital screen advertising platform, fully covering users' daily life scenes, and strengthening brand image.

By aggregating multiple screens, we can reach consumers' multi scene life moments, and achieve online and offline advertising integration and precise programming.

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