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Dialogue with "Shanghai Beite": how to achieve the goal of SEM to expand customers and display more than one million advertisements?

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Dialogue with "Shanghai Beite": how to achieve the goal of SEM to expand customers and display more than one million advertisements?

Shanghai Beite Culture Communication Co., Ltd., whose main business is to provide professional enrollment services for Siyuan Education, including secondary school and high school enrollment, arts and cultural students enrollment, has helped more than 60000 students in Shanghai to achieve excellent results and successfully enter the ideal colleges and universities at all levels.

In recent years, the company has reduced the number of offline applications and hopes to increase the number of customers through Baidu marketing. However, because there is no dedicated network operation team, the company can not control the refinement of online launch and the cost of clues. It is urgent to solve the launch problem and improve the number of clues through effective account adjustment and optimization.

How did "Shanghai Beite" achieve this goal, from launching Xiaobai to displaying the super million gods of advertising in trading advertisements? This article shares their incremental tips for everyone.

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Q: From the data, the education and training industry has a good market prospect this year. With the end of the college entrance examination in mid June and July, the education industry has ushered in the recruitment season again. What do you think of the current market opportunity?

Shanghai Beite: Our main business is to provide re enrollment for Siyuan Education. The peak period for user registration will be from June to August after the completion of the high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination. Therefore, our advertising will also focus on these months to promote new user registration.

When choosing a school, decision makers generally value the environment of the campus, as well as the reputation of the brand and the ability of teachers. So our marketing goal is not only to collect new customer clues, but also to build a good brand reputation.

Q: In Q2 this year, how did you achieve your marketing goals?

Shanghai Beite: It mainly optimizes the launch through four aspects: account structure building+bidding+creative building+landing page design:

The first is to build the account structure. We build plans according to different promotion businesses to ensure the orderly division of each promotion plan.

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Refer to the suggestions of diagnostic optimization tools, optimize keywords and adjust bids first, expand the transformation entrance and reduce the transformation cost.

In terms of keyword selection, we perceive the user's behavior and intention through the star watching disk, target the precise target group, and select core keywords to launch.

This Q2 launch, we added 1913 keywords related to the promotion business, removed 671 inefficient keywords, and let the ads show to more potential customers. It is estimated that 75000 new ads will be shown every week.

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On the bidding level, the diagnostic optimization tool shows that 56 keyword bids are lower than the average, so we targeted to increase the bid to increase the advertising presentation rate.

At the same time, the bidding mode will be adjusted according to different traffic demands, and the CPA will be adjusted appropriately, which will help to obtain more competitive opportunities.

At the initial stage of launch, the enhanced bidding mode will be selected. On the premise of ensuring the effect, the OCPC bidding mode will be changed to run costs in the later stage.

 Figure 4.jpg

The third point is creative building. Starting from the unit, we cover user needs and match creativity through the precipitation crowd and custom/recommendation crowd of the star watching panel.

Understand the behavioral intentions and search characteristics of the target crowd through the observation of the starboard crowd and hot spots, so as to optimize the description of the text.

 Figure 5.jpg

At the same time, it pays attention to enriching the number of creative ideas, adding new creative styles, creative maps, and procedural creativity, ensuring the relevance of creativity keywords, and enhancing the attraction and promotion of click.

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 Figure 7.jpg

In the design of landing page, we will optimize relevant content one by one, highlighting core business and school advantages.

 Figure 8.jpg

In order to ensure a good visual experience, it also optimized the overall color and improved the image/video quality.

 Figure 9.jpg

Because of the decision-making preference in the industry and the customer's own choice factors, Siyuan Education chooses telephone and forms as the main clues, and WeChat plus Facebook as the auxiliary. Therefore, more relevant components are added to the landing page to promote conversion.

 Figure 10.jpg

Through the above four steps of optimization, the overall consumption of Q2 account was 16.26w, and the total display volume was 133.33w. The winning rate of the above display was 40.74%. The brand awareness and reputation also improved to a certain extent, and the marketing goal was achieved.

Q: Will there be more initiatives in online marketing of Siyuan Education in the future?

Shanghai Beite: In the digital wave, online customer acquisition is becoming more and more important. We also hope to convey our teaching environment, teachers and curriculum advantages to the target audience through digital marketing.

Baidu is an important platform for our advertising, and we are willing to make different attempts in it. Through new products: knowledge marketing CPT, brand name cards, Baijia, etc., we can realize new possibilities of online marketing, let target audiences understand our strength, choose us, and help more students realize their dreams.

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