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Key words layout tips, teach you to seize traffic accurately

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Key words layout tips, teach you to seize traffic accurately

The promotion effect of SEM depends on the quality of keyword selection in many cases. Whether the layout of keywords is reasonable directly determines the difficulty of flow control.

With so many keywords to choose, how should we choose? What can achieve the expected effect? How can we develop appropriate keyword matching strategies?

Next, we will introduce the keyword layout strategy to help you better solve a series of "keyword" problems.

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Keyword selection skills

The core of keyword layout is divided into two aspects. One is to choose the right word, which not only needs to adapt to the characteristics of products/services, but also needs to be less competitive and relatively high conversion rate. The second is to control the proportion of various words in the account and spend money on cutting edge.

In the SEM launch, advertisers can choose thousands of keywords, but not all words can be transformed. How to choose the right keywords? The premise is to understand the user.

The process of consumers' brand selection can be divided into three stages: information collection (no clear direction of action, the weakest intention), product comparison (comparing solutions, average intention) and brand decision-making (clear goals, high intention).


At each stage, consumers' intention and purchase transaction rate are different. Therefore, advertisers can use this as a reference to classify keywords to help judge the selection of keywords, the level of bids, matching choices and creative writing.

Understanding the keyword purchase stage is the basis for better account management and control of promotion effect.


Baidu marketing advertisers can obtain more detailed crowd analysis through the star watching disk, comprehensively perceive user behavior and intention, and target precise target groups.

At the bidding level, the key words in the brand decision-making stage are the core flow. The CVR is high and the deep transformation is good. Advertisers with low budget can focus on the key words in this stage.

Advertisers with sufficient budget can actively expand the keywords in the product comparison stage, control the proportion of traffic in each stage, and explore the blue ocean of traffic.


Matching pattern extension technique

Keyword matching pattern is an important means to control traffic, which determines which search terms can trigger keywords. Many unsuccessful account expansion or high costs are caused by unreasonable matching mode settings.

Baidu Marketing has three keyword matching methods, namely, exact matching, phrase matching and intelligent matching. Combined with keyword bidding, it can directly achieve the purpose of regulating the launch and optimizing the cost.


Different matching models can delineate different target groups. For example, the precise matching delineates the core population with high conversion, while the phrase matching delineates the business population with demand and intention.


Therefore, advertisers can set the corresponding matching mode according to the bid, with high price accuracy and low price intelligence.

It is suggested to keep the bid for the words that are strongly related to the business and well translated, be competitive enough for the upper advertising, and grasp as many key traffic as possible when the cost allows.

At the same time, a broader matching method is used to find more traffic, so as to ensure that new traffic is constantly mined while competing for key traffic. Extract the transformed words and transform them into precise matching and launching.


Many advertisers understand the importance of "precision marketing", but they often fall into the "precision error" when launching SEM. The whole account is precisely matched, and they are too focused on precise users. As a result, there is no account traffic, few clues, and click prices soar.

If you want to increase your account traffic and clicks, you may as well relax the matching mode and make a reasonable bid. At the same time, pay attention to the search term report in a timely manner, and reject irrelevant words and irrelevant words. On the premise that the account has a certain amount, gradually correct the flow direction and improve the conversion effect.

It is worth noting that the setting of negative words also needs to be adjusted in a proper way. Too much or wrong will lead to no flow in the account. Here are three tips for advertisers: use accurate negative words, give priority to negative words in the unit, and do not add negative words without deleting negative words.


To sum up, keywords are the most important part of SEM promotion. What keywords you choose determines what users you can attract and whether you can generate clicks and conversions.

Only by selecting appropriate keywords and matching models and optimizing the keyword layout step by step can we improve the click through and conversion rate of advertising and achieve the marketing goal.

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