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Select the key words and master the method of expanding words. The thesaurus is 10 times larger and the efficiency is increased by 100%

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Select the key words and master the method of expanding words. The thesaurus is 10 times larger and the efficiency is increased by 100%

In the last sharing, we introduced keyword selection skills to help you better use keywords to improve the SEM launch effect.

Choosing the right keywords is not a one-time thing. Tuoyi can match more traffic, improve advertising presentation and attract more potential users.

Fast account volume, peak season volume, old account optimization and expansion are all indispensable.

When expanding words, there is no direction? I don't know what words are effective? The following two extension methods can easily help the account open source effectively.

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Artificial extension

Before starting the extension, first find the right seed word, and take the seed word as the basis of the keyword extension.

Advertisers can select industry product words, product model words and product category words as seed words according to the promotion of key businesses and the subdivision of secondary business points.

The seed word is the root of a long tailed word, but does not contain a single intentional word. For example, new house decoration can be used as seed words, but new house is not.

With seed words, we can expand from the following three aspects:

① Form expansion: based on Internet users' search habits, form expansion is conducted in 6 dimensions.


② Breadth expansion: based on the attention of netizens, the breadth expansion is carried out in 7 directions.


③ Deep expansion: based on the nature of the needs of netizens, upstream and downstream expansion is carried out through two dimensions.


Too many directions for expansion? Here we select the dimension of "higher cost performance" for advertisers, and we can start with the following four points in priority.

1. Price Expense Words

The price term corresponds to the intended audience, that is, the user has confirmed to purchase the product and is comparing solutions. Therefore, advertisers can take "price, cost, and how much" as the root words to expand keywords. For example, quotation for whole house decoration and wholesale quotation for steel plate.

2. Regional demand words

If the enterprise is involved in promotion in multiple regions, it can set up a combination through "region+product words with clear intention", which is more directional. This term is generally used by users with demand or in this industry, so the conversion rate will be higher. Such as: Beijing Imported Excavator, Guangzhou Finance and Taxation Agency.

3. Product model and other terms

This kind of words is especially suitable for the machinery industry or chemical industry. Users have no needs or do not understand, and generally do not search for specific product models. Therefore, the process, model, alias, etc. can be used as the expansion direction to reach the core consumer groups. Such as: clamping pipe fittings, precision conductive slip rings.

4. Demand upstream and downstream

Backtracking upstream is to find more general directions based on keywords, while digging downstream is to split keywords and find more detailed words. If the advertiser finds that a certain keyword has traffic but the conversion rate is not high, it is recommended to give priority to digging deeper downstream to find more branches and expand more keywords.

Model tool extension

In addition to the manual expansion of words, Baidu Marketing has prepared keyword planners, optimization centers, search word reports and other functions for advertisers to help advertisers focus on Internet users' search intentions and timely increase corresponding keywords for traffic expansion.

1. Key words: planner

Baidu Phoenix Nest's backstage "keyword planner" integrates multiple functions such as keyword expansion, traffic query, massive expansion of words, and can accurately find new keywords that meet the promotion needs, reduce the cost of word selection, and quickly complete the construction and optimization of keyword plans.


The "Massive Words Extension" function supports the use of 1000 seed words at a time and the extension of 3 million words at a time. You can explore and discover new keywords in batches according to different demand scenarios.


2. Optimization Center Card

The optimization center can find new keywords suitable for the promotion business for advertisers based on the historical data and settings of keyword plans, and actively recommend them on a regular basis. Advertisers can check and adopt them once every 2-3 days.


The optimization center provides decision basis for advertisers by analyzing recent search traffic, looking for hot words and new words in the industry, estimating the guide price, and estimating possible advertising displays and clicks when using the guide price.


3. Search term report

Advertisers can view the search term report on the search promotion platform "Data Report - Targeted Report" to clearly understand the words through which the user triggered the advertisement, including how to trigger, the basis for triggering, the corresponding advertisement display, click, consumption information, etc.


Internet users' search behavior reflects which business content they pay more attention to at this stage. Therefore, they pay attention to the search term report to obtain information about Internet users' search behavior, so that advertisers can easily pick out high conversion words, develop word expansion strategies, and seize the best opportunity for business promotion.


In general, keyword extension is an indispensable part of SEM launch. Baidu Marketing, relying on its ability to search big data and map business knowledge, has tailored the most suitable keyword optimization scheme for advertisers, helping to explore the blue ocean of traffic and find more target users.

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