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SEM precision marketing: how to reduce cost and increase quantity

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In the launch of SEM, enterprises often face problems such as few clues, high costs, and low turnover of clues. The essence of online promotion is to spend money to buy traffic. The key to solving problems and ensuring results is to control traffic.

Three principles of flow control: make the flow more centralized, buy more high intention flows at the lowest possible price, and make the flow control more refined. Advertisers can use account settings, keywords, and creativity to control the size of traffic, expand the launch in peak marketing seasons, and obtain more traffic; When the budget is tight, reduce the cost, and focus on the core excellent crowd.

Understanding the traffic strategy will help advertisers better manage their accounts, control the promotion effect, and really aim to spend money on the cutting edge.

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Lifting volume

In advertising, quantity is the premise of any operation, and expansion operation is the only way to improve the stability of the account.

When advertisers encounter problems such as low account flow, few clues, or the need to quickly gain volume and improve competitiveness in the peak marketing season, they can start with account settings and keywords.

1. Adjust account settings

① Increase budget and bid

In the expansion period or near the burst period, advertisers need to ensure that their accounts and planned budgets are sufficient to increase the probability of advertising in the industry.

If the competitiveness of the account is low, increasing the bid can improve the competitiveness and obtain more traffic. For high-quality time periods, high-quality regions, and high-value groups, advertisers can choose to pay a premium to increase the number of clicks.

② Time and region of investment increase

Advertisers can find high quality time periods and regions that are worth fighting for through historical launch data and target consumer research.

During the node volume explosion period, the time from afternoon to evening can be extended from only working days to weekends, so as to ensure that target users can be shown in front of them in time when they need to, and enhance advertising exposure.

2. Add keyword material

Find the right seed word according to the promotion of key businesses and the subdivision of secondary business sites, and use the seed word as the basis for keyword expansion.

Advertisers can choose industry product words, product model words and product category words as seed words. The seed word is the root of a long tailed word, but does not contain a single intentional word. For example, new house decoration can be used as seed words, but new house is not.

Advertisers can expand seed words based on netizens' search habits, attention and the nature of demand.


In addition to manual word expansion, model word expansion can be used. Baidu Marketing provides a variety of word expansion tools. Advertisers can expand their traffic by adding corresponding keywords in time through keyword planners, optimization centers, and star watching disk word packs. They can also focus on Internet users' search intentions and find and fill gaps through hot word expansion, viewing search word reports, and searching drop-down words.

3. System intelligence tools

In addition to the above methods, Baidu Marketing provides advertisers with a variety of background functions, making it easy to scale up:

① Auto orientation

When automatic orientation is enabled, the system will deeply learn the requirements of intelligent identification according to the data of various dimensions, help advertisers find potential users and improve traffic.

② Strategy of ranking and click maximization

Advertisers can set the ranking tendency bidding strategy to rank key keywords. At the same time, set the highest bid coefficient for the plan or keyword, and the system will automatically optimize the click volume and keep ranking for key keywords.

③ Target Conversion Cost Bid

The system will combine account materials and target bids to put as many advertisements as possible to users who may have this conversion behavior. While actively completing the expansion, the system will accumulate transformation data to improve the model and bring more transformation.


Cost reduction

If you want to reduce costs quickly, there are three steps: data analysis, problem location, and operation execution.

Advertisers need to sort out the historical release data, and divide the accounts into volume collection accounts, normal release accounts, and volume release accounts for consumption and cost indicators on the account level. On the keyword level, according to the word root classification, the advertisers need to break down the traffic and costs corresponding to different word classes, quickly find accounts and keywords with high cost and low quality, and optimize them.

1. Adjust account settings

① Budget deployment

Reduce or suspend the budget release of accounts with high costs.

At the same time, because the OCPC mode cannot control the bid manually, it can switch to the CPC mode to control the click cost according to the demand. Reduce the bid for high price keywords to quickly reduce the account cpc.

② Control the release period, region and timeliness

Keep high-quality accounts, low-cost time periods, and geographical placements, appropriately reduce the top keyword ads with high winning rate and ranking first, and focus on the change of winning rate.

③ Account iteration

Turn off auto orientation, bidding strategy, ranking protection, click maximization strategy and other expansion functions. Timely control or suspend accounts with high cost to ensure that the overall cost of the account meets the standard.

2. Keyword adjustment

According to the four quadrant principle of cost and traffic, keywords are classified and labeled into four categories: high-quality keywords, optimized keywords, potential keywords, and eliminated keywords.

For keywords with low/high traffic and low cost, the focus can be expanded, and keywords with high cost and low traffic can be eliminated directly.


Brand words, product words and general words are preferred for launch. Activity words, competitive words and crowd words are difficult to meet the relevance, so they can not be selected. It is suggested to add low price flood keywords and launch them at a low price to lower the overall click price.

In addition, advertisers need to pay attention to the shielding of invalid traffic, add negative keywords on a regular basis, and at the same time establish a no word thesaurus to improve efficiency, reduce invalid traffic delivery, and improve conversion rate.


3. Creative optimization

Account and keyword adjustments affect the ranking and presentation range. Whether you can get a click depends on creative copy and style.

Improve the relevance of keywords and creativity, keywords and landing pages, creativity and landing pages, and improve creative CTR.

To improve the conversion rate of creativity, the priority is to optimize the landing page. The landing page of high conversion should have prominent selling points, detailed content and diversified combination of conversion methods.

The selling point information is presented with eye-catching text in the prominent position of the head map, causing attention. The middle page presents information content in an all-round way by means of pictures, texts, videos, etc., highlighting price advantages and cost performance.

Transformation components are interspersed between content modules to grasp user psychology and directly realize transformation.


To sum up, in the launch of SEM, only by buying the right amount of traffic and learning to increase revenue and reduce expenditure can we help the account achieve the goal of improving clues and cost control, and the promotion effect will continue to be stable, and the advertising production ratio will continue to increase.

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