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High conversion and win effect, landing page design needs to do this!

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The landing page is the key to whether the marketing effect is good.

In the SEM launch, keywords and creativity reach the user's search intention, and potential customers are introduced to the landing page. Whether the landing page can finally stimulate the user's interest and let users have conversion behavior is still up to the landing page. Therefore, the CVR efficiency of landing page is very important.


Rational design of landing page and correct response to demand are the most efficient way of communication between advertisers and users. How to design landing pages and improve the conversion rate of landing pages through optimization? This problem should start from the landing page transformation logic.

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Landing page page conversion logic

The landing page focuses on different industries, but the landing page with high conversion rate has commonalities. If we can design and optimize the landing page from its essence, the idea will become clearer.

The logic of page conversion is divided into four directions: stimulating interest, efficient browsing, increasing the frequency of trust intervention and guiding transformation. Understanding the logic of landing page conversion is the basis for a good page.


The following will elaborate how to achieve the above four transformation goals through page layout and content according to the landing page transformation logic.

Stimulate interest

Users enter the landing page through advertising display in order to meet the core demands of search. Therefore, keywords - creativity - landing page is a complete process. They need to maintain strong relevance and ensure that there is something in the words to make users interested and stay on the page.

Advertisers should build a complete framework according to the search intention of words. Similar keywords are associated with relevant content modules. The search intention has detailed descriptive information in the landing page, and the selling points in the creativity correspond to each other in the landing page.


In addition, landing pages need to maintain a good visual experience, and use pictures, text, video and other ways to present information content in an all-round way. The selling point information is prominent, which is presented with eye-catching text in the eye-catching position of the head map to attract attention.


Efficient browsing

Whether the landing page layout is reasonable directly affects whether users can read it successfully.

Advertisers need to consider the time and status of users' reading, and reasonably set the logic and quantity of content of the forum so that users can read without tension and anxiety.

The landing page frame is mainly divided into three parts: the first page, the middle page and the last page. The home page highlights business and brand advantages to give users confidence. The middle page introduces the specific business content, explains the solution to user needs, and strengthens user confidence. The last page emphasizes its own strength again, resonates with users and promotes transformation.


In the landing page design, the core goal is to present key content in detail to meet user needs. The content of the page should not be lengthy, and the length of the page should be moderate. It is recommended that the number of landing pages should be controlled within 5 screens, and the length of 3 screens is the best.

Increase the frequency of trust intervention

A product that can be fully trusted by users can establish a good relationship with users. The following two points are common means for users to enhance their sense of trust:

The first is to highlight the use effect. When you imagine that you are about to get a reward, your dopamine secretion will rapidly increase, which is called the "anticipation effect". Therefore, if you want to transform household products into real products, you can let them imagine the effect of using products or services through real scenes and real pictures.


The second is to build social identity. In case of uncertainty, he will follow the crowd to make decisions. Therefore, in the landing platform, you can insert the "⼝⼝⼝" and "⽤⽤⽤" evaluation modules to undertake the "⼀" part, and show the sales volume, return rate, and service coverage ⾯⾯ can enhance user confidence.


In addition, the landing page can also be inserted with authoritative endorsement, and the Third Party Organization will confirm the enterprise services or products to create a stronger sense of professionalism and authenticity.

Guided transformation

The final purpose of landing page is to guide users to complete interactive transformation on the page and leave clues. Therefore, it is very important to convert components.

It is suggested that advertisers adopt various components (forms, consultation, telephone, etc.), interspersed between content modules, grasp the user's psychology, and directly realize transformation.

There are also some tips that can help improve the retention rate: reduce user operations (simplify form steps), reduce user thinking (add pop-up/hover buttons), and reduce operation errors (add retention settings).


In addition, in the final decision-making stage, if the user has further incentives, it can effectively guide the user to retain funds or even place an order. It is suggested to show the user timely preferential activities.

Baidu marketing based wooden fish helps you build a website easily and gain customers efficiently

Baidu marketing base Muyu has a variety of industry templates, better and smoother jump experience and rich functional components, which better cooperate with Baidu oCPC advertising links and improve the transformation effect.


Use Baidu marketing base wooden fish to quickly build a full carrier operation position with zero threshold, low cost.

Visual editing is supported, and landing pages can be generated quickly through "fool" drag and drop operations on components/modules, which is efficient and convenient;

Support the addition of various content types and transformation components, help enterprises to achieve multi-dimensional clue collection, and meet the demands of multiple clue transformation;

At the same time, it supports full link data monitoring, and the data of each site and organization is clear, meeting the enterprise's multi scenario solution requirements.


Advertisers with higher optimization needs can choose the basic wooden fish program landing page, support multi page independent expression, fully meet the demands of independent delivery, and achieve intelligent traffic distribution.

To sum up, Baidu Jimuyu effectively links businesses and consumers of enterprises, improves the ability to build websites and obtain customers, and shortens the link for users to make decisions and retain funds. Compared with ordinary landing pages, CVR has obvious advantages.


In the user transformation path, the landing page is an important contact for receiving traffic. Advertisers need to directly hit the user demand points, match the appropriate content presentation, and prescribe drugs for "symptoms" to improve the competitiveness of advertising and achieve efficient transformation.

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